Wine Bottle
Wine bottle
An empty wine bottle
"This bottle was dropped at a corner of the underground passage."
Collects kerosene oil
Southwest corridor, upper Underpass
Oil-filled Bottle
Silent Hill 3
For the weapon in Silent Hill 4: The Room and Silent Hill: Book of Memories, see Wine Bottle (weapon).

The Wine Bottle is one of the items Heather Mason picks up in Silent Hill 3. The bottle is found in the first section of the Underpass. At the southwestern-most corridor is a dead end piled with refuse. Among the garbage is a discarded wine rack with an empty wine bottle.

The bottle is used to hold the kerosene fuel Heather needs in order to enter the lower level of the Underpass. The kerosene comes from an old gas heater found in a small chamber in the eastern area of the upper underpass. Once Heather pumps the heater to fill the bottle, it becomes the oil-filled bottle, ready to use on the winch in the nearby room.


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