Белый охотник
Masahiro Ito
Masahiro Ito
Release date
January 1, 2008

Белый охотник (Belyj okhotnik) is a short 6-page comic by Masahiro Ito that was packaged with the Japanese Silent Hill: Origins soundtrack. The title is Russian for "White Hunter". The comic features another Pyramid Head in an alternate world.

The Pyramid Head greatly resembles his Silent Hill 2 iteration, though instead of the Great Knife, he carries what can only be described as a sort of oversized, percussive switchblade, as well as having a white helmet. The only other character in the comic is a flying Slurper carrying a strange tube that blows huge shells, overall resembling a Trumpeter. On arrival, the Slurper aims the weapon and fires a shell, embedding it in the hole within the front of Pyramid Head's helmet, described as doing this to call Pyramid Head to action. In retaliation, Pyramid Head slams the back end of his weapon into the ground, whereupon a lengthy blade is forced out the other end and violently impales the Slurper, knocking its mask off. This is described as something Pyramid Head is "programmed" to do, though why is unknown to him.


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