Wayside Maximum Security Penitentiary (or simply Wayside Max) is a prison complex referred to by multiple characters in Silent Hill: Downpour. Although it is mentioned and plays a relatively important part in the story, it is never actually seen or visited in game.

Silent Hill: Downpour

In Downpour, protagonist Murphy Pendleton is scheduled for transport to Wayside Max after he was blamed for the brutal beating of Prison Officer Frank Coleridge during a riot at Ryall State Prison, which left Frank in a vegetative state (whether or not Murphy was actually responsible for this depends upon which ending the player receives, which in turn is decided by player choices in the game).

During the start of the game, Murphy is led to a bus for transport to Wayside. However, after a small commotion which caused the driver to briefly take his eyes off of the road, the bus careened off the road, killing many and stranding the survivors in the town of Silent Hill.

It is later revealed by Anne Marie Cunningham, the daughter of Coleridge and a fellow Prison Officer, that Wayside Max was not necessarily Murphy's first transfer destination. Indeed, Anne was forced to do "sick" things (Anne's Story reveals that she had to sleep with the Warden) in order to get Murphy to Wayside, where she could exact her revenge on him. It is unknown exactly what form this revenge would have taken, although given Anne's reluctance to kill Murphy (despite clearly wanting to on several occasions) it can be inferred that she would not have murdered him, at least not immediately.

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