Eileen reading Walter's diary.


A part of Walter's diary.

Walter's Diary isn't a collectible memo in Silent Hill 4: The Room, but a diary spread out all over the Forest World on rocks and trees, in a language that Henry Townshend isn't able to read. Eileen Galvin acts as a translator for Henry.

The diary was written by Walter Sullivan as a child when he was growing up with the Order at Wish House Orphanage.


Note: This diary is from Eileen's dialogue when she is not possessed. If Eileen is possessed, her speech will be slower and slurred in a more childish sense and the wording will be different.

October 1

He told me I could write whatever I wanted because nobody will ever see it. I like to write. My teacher taught me how.

October 2

I played with Bob. It was fun, but I went too far away and he got angry.

October 3

I played with Bob again. I went even further this time.
If Eileen is possessed, she will add, "There was a huge rock. It was really cool. He beat me up after it."

October 4

My cheek hurts. I hate him.

October 5

I got hit again. I didn't do anything wrong. I wish he was dead.

October 6

Tomorrow is book study in the chapel. If I can't read well, I'll wind up like John. I'm really scared.

October 13

I finally got outside. John is still stuck in that round cell. I hope I read well tomorrow.

October 14

I did a good job reading today. I was so happy, but the 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother was hard.

October 15

Bob is gone. Nobody will tell me what happened. I bet...
If Eileen is possessed, she will continue, "I bet he did it. Andrew."

October 16

Some important people came today. One of them... Dah...
If Eileen is possessed, she will continue, "One of them was a lady named Dahlia."

October 17

The important lady told me my mother was asleep in Ashfield. I have a mother, too! I'm so happy! I want to see my mother. Where is Ashfield anyway?

October 18

I have to stay in the round cell even if I read well tomorrow. If I do it, God will be happy so I will do it. He comes into the round cell a lot to visit, but it's okay I guess.

October 21

Sunday is the day I leave the round cell to read the book. I read very well today. If I can do a good job reading the 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother, I can meet my mother. The important lady told me that, but tomorrow, I'm going to the round cell again.

October 28

I have to take a train or something to get to Ashfield. Everyone says Ashfield is a scary place, but I really want to see my mommy.

February 10

I went to visit Ashfield again. Again, I...
If Eileen is possessed, she will continue, "Again, I couldn't find Mommy. Some mean girls in the train said mean stuff to me. I got scared. He beat me again, too."

March 17

I went to Ashfield again. It was my fourth time. Just like last time, my mother... ....The city is scary and the apartment where my mother is has...
If Eileen is possessed, she will state, "Just like before, I didn't see Mommy" and continue, "and the apartment where my mother is has a scary guy in it. If I can just read the 21 Sacraments for the Holy Mother thing, I can be with her."
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