Victim 18
Andrew DeSalvo's ghost

Other names
Andrew DeSalvo
Silent Hill 4: The Room
Other appearances

Water Prison World (2nd time)
Apartment World (2nd time)
Attack methods

Victim 18 is the ghost form of Andrew DeSalvo, and he first appears on the stairs leading to the basement of the Water Prison.

Andrew's ghost is a rather dangerous one, as he can perform a barrel roll that deals a great amount of damage, and also has a very strong aura that will damage Henry faster than any other ghost would. A Saint Medallion is required to weaken the evil presence, and a silver bullet is a great option to quickly pin him, followed shortly by a Sword of Obedience. It is recommended to pin him in the water wheel room, since it has a broader area for movement and less enemies to annoy the player.

If he is freed after retrieving the key, he will haunt Room 107 in the Apartment Otherworld.


  • When his ghost is encountered, Andrew can be heard singing: "And God said, 'At the time of fullness, cleanse the world with my rage. Gather forth the White Oil, the Black Cup and the Blood of the Ten Sinners. Prepare for the Ritual of the Holy Assumption.' And God said, 'Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners and the White Oil.'"
  • Due to his added girth, Andrew's ghost will be seen struggling out of his portal when he appears, until he finally slips out and starts floating.


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