• X♛ΩHeatherMasonΩ♛X

    I have to wonder why I like Heather Mason as much as I do... Is it her orange turtle neck, her saucy attitude or her resiliency in an intense onslaught of emotional distress and seemingly hopeless circumstance? Like Heather despite my sarcasm and pessimism my ability to endure prevails. Even when I wish so desperately to give in it seems I keep going. I also am extremely fond of heather's apparel. I find it her individual style admirable and even plan to dress up as heather next Halloween! Of course it will be my own sole decision as to whether or not I dye my hair blonde. Back to the subject of my magnetism, not only do I see parts of myself in her, but also I look up to her. Throughout the game she was saddened by the loss of her father…

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