• If you examine 'Key of Scarecrow' a note can be read 'The key to the garden of the house. Found in mailbox blocked by a fallen tree.' Just thought the description here was odd. Seems the team originally planned to have a tree blocking the path (which perhaps you may have cut with the chainsaw or found some other way to get around) but decided not to do that in the end. But accidentally left the description in.
  • The tower at the school is too narrow. However, it becomes bigger than the outer fit and even has a hall if Harry enters it.
  • Prepare yourself when entering some rooms (especially Director's Room and Men's Room) in the Alternate Hospital. That because an odd sound like glass breaking will make your heart shock.
  • Key in a jellybean wrap.
  • Dahlia and Cybil could enter the last boss room without having any 5 items that needed to open the locked door in Alessa's room. (or maybe there's another way)


  • ​Brookhaven Hospital is not mentioned on the map of Silent Hill and also miss spelled if you look at the hospital entrance.
  • As you hear the radio quiz, the elevator seems to move (downward or upward) continuously' as there are numerous floors added to the hospital building. However, there are only 3 floors (not including basement and roof) in the building.
  • You went to Toluca Prison and underground maze (labyrinth) by entering numerous holes which have an immeasurable depth. Strangely, you ended up at the dock which has the same plain as the Silent Hill Historical Society, not at the underground.
  • The hotel employee elevator only allowed one person to stay inside. This crazy elevator unfortunately can notice ONE PHOTO OR ANYTHING ELSE LIGHTER, which have a less weight than one person's and then prevent James to move any further until all of his items are kept inside the shelf. If James' weight is under 90, then will the other person who have the heavier weight than James' get the same thing too???
  • How does Eddie come to prison since all of the road are blocked and only James has both of Silent Hill Historical Society Key (Old Bronze Key) and Spiral Writing Key?
  • When fight Eddie at the first stage and inflict a lot of damages to him, James will be hit continuously if he blocks the door leading to second room. So stay away from the door.
  • Lamps in a can.


  • A main road, that leading to Brookhaven Hospital in the previous series is seen blocked and James must access the Heaven's Night building through the back door. But, in this series the road become unblocked and the Heaven's Night back door is broken.
  • Although the mirror room of the Alternate Brookhaven Hospital has been explored, a blood splatter sound still can be heard in the background.
  • A decapitated mannequin. (or maybe a horror scene)
  • A phone in the locker is working without any electricity following it. (or maybe a horror scene)
  • How do Claudia and Vincent enter the last room without having any 5 tarrot cards (or maybe there's another way they can access.
  • How does Douglas come to the amusement park without having any Roller Coaster Key, the Chain, Doll Head, and Red Shoes?


  • Several dogs have the strange actions before trying to attack Henry.


  • In the Lair before meeting Wheeler, there's a gate Alex must open. When Alex is trying to duck under, the gate is briefly close and Alex is seen duck through the closed gate like a ghost.
  • Order Soldier costume is not useful, because the cultists still can attack Alex.

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