• For almost three months now, me and my fellow SH fan film buddies have been arranging the SH THE ROOM fan film trailer as our dedication to this incredible series that continues to profound the unprofoundable. We began location scouting, casting and budgeting next, as I had originally created a feature screenplay that we are using as a basis for the material(the said script has since become its own horror film, designed for distribution next year under the title Fear Of The Flesh). The original set locations were a jail for the water prison, a park for the forest, an apartment complex complete with the door exterior matching Room 302 and an abandoned train tunnel for the subway tunnel(not perfect but close enough).
  • As of 04/04, we have cast the following roles:
    • Local film student David Abernathy portrays the hero Henry Townshend
      David Abernathy-Henry

      David Abernathy as Henry Townshend

    • Up and coming model and businesswoman Sara Jaouni as Cynthia Velasquez.
    • Alex Bass Jr as Frank Sunderland.
    • Jordan Kingsgate as Eileen Galvin.
    • Noah Yudell as Walter Sullivan
      Noah Yudell-Walter

      Noah as Walter Sullivan

    • The rest of the cast will be shown later.
  • Last month, I began creating the enemies for the trailer with my own special effects team, including the construction of Ghost Victims: Cynthia Velasquez, Toby Archbolt, Jimmy Stone(whom we have nicknamed Mr Unclean), Pete Walls, Eric Walsh, Andrew Desalvo and Richard Braintree. We had originally wanted to do Jasper Gein as well but sadly had to cut him out completely as the after-effects were just too silly. To accomplish the ghosts, we used left over materials from my FOTF trailer shoot to give the Ghost's a zombie-like appearance. However, most of the ghosts were simply dummies made from CPR dolls that we wired to the ceiling with fishing-lines to create the floating effect(save for Richard, Jimmy and Toby who all have actors). Looks really good in post, especially with the ghetto-robo arms built for the elusive "Heart Grab" attacks.
    • We have also been working on numerous Toad Stool's using sharpened mop and broom handles that are coated with molded latex and topped off with a gray water-balloon filled with gum that solidifies over time. We paint the entire thing to match the color of the beautiful creature :). For the shrinking animation, the gum inside of the balloon is filled with air which can be inflated and deflated as the mop-handle is lowered into the ground using a minor pulley-system. Looks good, especially when the actor hits it with their body and recoils in pain.
    • Tremer's were created simply from inflating greyish gum with air and then uninflating between takes while suspended on a wall. When whacked, a purple geletin explodes around the area.
    • The biggest challenge has been the creation of the The One Truth. The most incredible feat our team has ever created, I will be revealing a screencap of it soon when I get the best possible image of it. Wanting this to be perfect, we built a set-up stand that stands almost 3 feet over the ground from stands and metal walkways found in a junkyard. These stands and walkway pieces were built into a square with a hole in the center before the surfaces were covered with green carpeting and rubber. We then returned to the junkyard, liquor store and various locations to retrieve around 100 cardboard boxes we proceeded to break down and create the walls for the structure(we have affectionately dubbed, The One Room). Within a week, Ammy and I had created the four walls of the one truth, complete with two holes in each to fit a stunt persons torso. Our next job was to take the crates and remaining cardboard boxes to construct the metal grates which stretch the skins as well as tie them from above to pulleys for their rise and fall action. For the effect of The One Truth's actions, we hired six stuntmen, each covered from pelvis to scalp with practical effects who would go onto fit in the holes. Using nearby trees and wiring, we suspended the six stuntmen outside of "The One Room" in their respective holes before filming where they would wait for a pre-determined count to rise, attack, drop, repeat. We shot this sequence yesterday and it was phenomenol. I am very proud of everyone involved and so happy that no one got hurt :D
    • Wallmen are absent sadly :(
    • We have been so wrapped up with The One Truth up until yesterday, we have held off on doing work on the Patient's and Twin Victims but we will be working on them this week.
  • As the shooting days continue, we will be posting more and more info and soon enough some screen shots once I get them looking right on the computer. I can't wait to share this stuff with you guys XD

Update, 4/20


That said, I have and official update on the status of SILENT HILL THE ROOM trailer! Sadly, we've had some creative differences with one particular actress so we're heading back to step one and a half with her scenes back to casting. Everything else however is moving along and on schedule! We'll be looking at a Summer release on YouTube for the trailer's release so no worries!

Scenes Filmed:


  • Jasper Gein(Jeremy Solomon) telling Henry about "The Nosey Guy"
  • Room 302 exterior/"Peephole" scenes.
  • Over 20 Ghost Victim attack scenes with "stunt Henry" and his trusty pitching wedge... until it breaks XD
  • "Stunt Henry" walking into Toad Stools


  • "Stunt Henry" fighting The One Truth(47 takes)
  • Richard death.
  • More random ghost fights with Henry in the forest world subway tunnel.
  • Henry Room 302 Interiors(wrap on Room 302!!)

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