Following the wrap up of my current production I've talked my film school to help me shoot a fan-made trailer for SH THE ROOM. I had written a screenplay for fun surrounding the plot of SH4 hoping it would make for a decent spin off of the current film series but as it was passed around an investor got hold of it and wanted to make it. As no one in Konami was calling him back it was rewritten into it's own haunted house film and we're filming it later this year. However, as an avid SH fan, I wanna shoot the trailer for my original vision which was direct to the game itself.

Why am I sharing this? I dunno, just hoping for some support from my fellow fans :) I also don't want to use the original soundtrack by copying it, but would rather reach out to an independant muscian to create a score for the trailer. Regardless, I'm stoked and couldn't help but share :D


Casting is nearly complete as we have secured the roles of Eileen, Richard, Frank, Jasper, Walter and models for the ghosts! I'll be uploading comparison pictures in the few days to come!

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