Sure this has been done but oh well... did not like the enemies throughout the game. They were rather dull and interchangable.

The screamers were fun but the beat downs were just a headache. At least theirs made since with the nail-knuckles.

The Juggernauts and Prisoner Minions were tough but just boring.

The Weeping Bats... meh... best part was on the train ride

At least the mobile and non-mobile Wall Corpses didn't beat you down!

Personal favorites were the hyper creepy Dolls, acting as a host to the shadows who--- OMG! BEAT YOU DOWN! XD

I have to say the Void was a great idea, gave the game a whole new kinda psyhe-out scheme that borrowed only a little from Shattered Memories(running and knocking over Tortured Souls).

I wished Monocle Man would've been more of a boss, but oh well :P

Seriously, I just played through Origins for the first time and loved the button-pressing to avoid grapple attacks and every enemies "grapple" was unique. Wish they'd gone that way but oh well.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the game and especially the bosses(Wheelman was an entertaining fight all around). Opinions?

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