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    Med-Kit idea

    October 27, 2014 by WesZombie

    Hey guys, it's been a while. I had an idea for something they should do in Silent Hills if they decide to use med-kits. I'm sure this has been mulled over before, but oh well... I think that they should do med-kits like they did in MGS3:Snake Eater, where you literally have to operate on yourself. Depending on the damage and where it is located, you have to find the right things to heal yourself. And then you would actually show it! Something like that could be a great and creative twist on the older ways, right? What do you guys think?

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  • WesZombie

    OK, so one thing has been bugging me about SH HOMECOMING... I'm sure it was brought up before my time or sooner but this is for my personal knowledge.

    So, the only parents seen from the main story are Adam, Lilith, Margaret, Martin and Sam. Where are Margaret, Martin and Sam's spouses? I'm sure their are all dead, but are there any indications throughout the game of their fates? I'm researching it myself and I've got diddly squat...

    If there are answers or there are not, I think it's worth posting don't you think?

    On a side note, I have a minor Q as well for fun... what was your favorite death in the game? I'm playing through all of the games again and am preparing for SH5 after 4, so I'm a little rusty on the kills appearences. I still rememb…

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  • WesZombie

    Downpour Enemies

    April 22, 2012 by WesZombie

    Sure this has been done but oh well... did not like the enemies throughout the game. They were rather dull and interchangable.

    The screamers were fun but the beat downs were just a headache. At least theirs made since with the nail-knuckles.

    The Juggernauts and Prisoner Minions were tough but just boring.

    The Weeping Bats... meh... best part was on the train ride

    At least the mobile and non-mobile Wall Corpses didn't beat you down!

    Personal favorites were the hyper creepy Dolls, acting as a host to the shadows who--- OMG! BEAT YOU DOWN! XD

    I have to say the Void was a great idea, gave the game a whole new kinda psyhe-out scheme that borrowed only a little from Shattered Memories(running and knocking over Tortured Souls).

    I wished Monocle Man woul…

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  • WesZombie

    Silent Hill Soundboard

    April 15, 2012 by WesZombie

    Ah, my youth as an SH fan. This came out before The Room and I just thought to find it again! Enjoy!!!

    Silent Hill Soundboard @ Newgrounds

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  • WesZombie
    • For almost three months now, me and my fellow SH fan film buddies have been arranging the SH THE ROOM fan film trailer as our dedication to this incredible series that continues to profound the unprofoundable. We began location scouting, casting and budgeting next, as I had originally created a feature screenplay that we are using as a basis for the material(the said script has since become its own horror film, designed for distribution next year under the title Fear Of The Flesh). The original set locations were a jail for the water prison, a park for the forest, an apartment complex complete with the door exterior matching Room 302 and an abandoned train tunnel for the subway tunnel(not perfect but close enough).
    • As of 04/04, we have cast…
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