I mean How would looks yourn own thing/creature that punuish your sins, bab actions, forbbiden desires, etc. That you have comited? like:

  • Samael: The punisher of Dahlia Gillespie, who deserved to die, ironicly, by the hand of her own god.
  • Pyramid Head: The punisher of James Sunderland, with the image of an antique judge, fullfil the need of James to punish his guilty for killed his wife.
  • Sepulcher, Asphyxia, Scarlet and Amnion: The punishers of, Mayor Barlett, Judge Hollaway, Doctor Fitch and Alex Shepherd; respectively. Even being their duty, excpet Alex's, of sacrifice a child for the town's contract, still remianed in the guilty for kill their children. In the case of Alex, for accidently kill his brother.

By me think Claudia Wolf or Walter Sullivan, had no "punisher" be cause they were doing "the right thing" for their bielief and Travis Grady didn't do anything bad, did he? (Answer this one too X3)

Those monsters thet stalk you for what you did in the past.

P.S.: Sorry for my I-like-the-sound-of-my-voice explain but I like to explian things, and represent correctly want I want to ask XD

P.P.S.:Be descriptive, give me details I WANT IT ALL!!!, please x)

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