I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about the new Silent Hill: Downpour. Now, I get great ideas from time to time which I tend to share with people and see their reaction.

Basically, I'm suggesting a new game after Downpour to be made of Silent Hill that will change a lot of staggered gameplay while keeping what we love most about the SH games (1-3 especially).

Imagine your able to make your own SH character, for a choice of 3 epic stories throughout SH, and are able to craft their past (or randomnize it even so you won't know what their past was like), and have monsters/worlds that reflect on what choices they made.

For instance, you might make a character who was an ex-murderer, and the monsters in the game would reflect on that character's choices. I want a SH game where you can craft your own character from the ground up and discover their fate (multiple endings will exist for different characters and their traits).

On top of all that, I'm looking forward to a monster creator to allow people to make their own nightmarish creations and share them with other people. These monsters won't be like Spore creatures, however, they will be gritty and slimy depending on how you want them to look. You can alter their behavior and how tough you make your creature will determine on it's placement in numbers or by itself. Now people might attack me for these ideas, but I can assure this would only greatly increase the experience SH already gives. This could be a great game once finished and done right (good personalization for each character in a story).

There are many benefits to be had for the SH series with this release:

1. More people will become familar with the SH series (this will attract new crowds)

2. This will expand gameplay past the usual straightaway story games

3. Monster designs can be reforged from previous games (or can become pre-sets for characters to use in their stories/levels)

4. SH isn't just a story series, they're full of survival horror, and this could offer a lot more approaches to the esteemed horror genre in new ways

5. The gameplay can be engaging and fun; also it will be more compelling for people (they will like their characters they get to create)

Now I'd like to see what the SH fans have to say about this idea. I'm compelled to hear criticism and other ideas for this new game, so let me have whatever you got.

Ideas may include a survival mode (alongside campaign) called "Lost" which randomnizes your characters in a huge level, and you gotta find weapons/ammo. This would be a highly dangerous mode because you must search the entire level to find whatever you can get as monsters will appear a lot more and will come for you (especially during random Otherworld transitions).

Now I know for some extreme these ideas may seem baffling because they involve the SH series to follow games like RE and Dead Space; but I can assure you they will only improve the game series. They will not take away as long as the stories are left untouched. These enhancements in gameplay will keep the replay factor up and create more eager fans of the series.

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