I'm back after a some-what long absence,and I adimt part of it is because I ounce again running low horror games to play(PS2 wise any way).In my time away from the wiki I've played(in this order)-Rule of Rose,Resident Evil 4,Silent Hill 2,Resident Evil Remake,Siren,Resident Evil 2 and Kuon.I started looking up more games,some caught my attention(Clocktower 3,Michigan:Report from Hell,Trapt)that seem good,but it makes me realize I'm running out of horror games for the PS2.I know there are probably more out there that could be good,if so let me know.I'm now left with option to move on to PS3 and Xbox 360 games.Some do look good-F.E.A.R,Clive Barker's Jericho,Condemned: Criminal Origins.Are these games good?Are they disturbing?Are they scary?I expect HORROR in a horror game.BTW,while I'm on the subject for new games,hows Alan Wake?I've heard mix reviews.I still want to get Heavy Rain,even though I heard it's not really a horror game,it still looks good.For now I guess this is all,next blog I think I'll review the games I played while gone,till then this is Val,Cya.

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