Haunting Ground came today,and normally I would I play it tonight but i have to get up earlier then usual so I decided to just wait till tomorrow night(though I'm very tempted to play even as I type).From what a heard(and keeping hearing)it's an awsome game and have yet to hear a truely negative review yet so I'm looking forward to it,I'll post if I break down and play it tonight.Of course,now I need to find another game after I beat this one and not sure on what to get.Heavy Rain is still on the list but I'm not sure if I can afford it yet since it's still like $60.I might end up getting Siren if I can find it since it's around $20 to $25.I kinda wanted to add more to this blog,things I wanted to discuss like horror games seeming to become more action based(I admit I got the idea after eading this the Silent Hill series after the 4th game(since thats where alot believe the series started to go 'down hill')but I'm kinda tired and don't feel up to it at the moment(I might write either tomorrow or the next day)so till then,this is Val,Cya.

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