Hi,been a few days since my last blog.I finally beat Fatal Frame 3,YAY!The ending was kinda sad,and it sucks Kei dies(though I heard you can get an ending where he lives in a 2nd playthrough,might be worth doing).I wish I could get the 4th Fatal Frame but I think it's still in Japan,and even if it wasn't I don't have a Wii T_T.Oh well,in the mean time I need a new survival horror to play either on the Playstation or Xbox(normal or 360)and I know this kinda sounds like my 1st blog but if anyone has any good recemendations let me know.If I don't find anything(or cant afford it)I was think of replaying some of my other games like Resident Evil 4 since I accidentally deleted it from my memory card or one of the Silent Hill games I haven't replayed yet.Hmm,this blog is kinda small,but I need to save something for the next,so,this is Val,Cya.

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