I wrote in my last blog that I finally got Fatal Frame 3 last night and I'm stuck(yeah I know it's sad I'm all ready stuck).I'm on night 5 were you play as Kei,I haven't found out what I'm supposted to do to remove the doll from that door or get the Butterfly Key.I'm not asking for like a walkthrough or anything,or even where to find whatever it is I need,just whatever IT is I'm supposted to be looking for.If no one on here played it or just wants me to figure out on my own thats fine,maybe I'm just overlooking(or underlooking) something.I'll right in my next blog if I got further.Now that thats out of the way,I have to say I so far really enjoy the game,lots of new jumps and scares,and it's funny how you can interact with the cat :).I guess thats it,hopefully some one can help,or not,either way.Till next time,Val,Cya

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