I got Fatal Frame 3 today,whoo hoo!I can't play it right now though cause my younger sister is playing Shadow the Hedgehog on the PS3,so I'll talk more on that later.Anyway,one thing I was thinking of bringing up in a talk forum is about Harry's reactions to the Raw Shocks in Shattered Memories-I all ways though it was weird how he never mentioned them to anyone he met like characters in the previous games did(2 and 3 are best examples),not just that but he seems to act fairly normal after Nightmare sequences like he was never chased by them at all.Maybe he didn't bring them up because he thought anyone he told would think hes' insane,especially since no one seem to have seen the Raw Shocks either(or they could be keeping it to them selves like Harry,Idk,just my thoughts).I just think most people(or at least myself)would probably have at least mentioned seeing them or acted more freaked out after being chased,not likes it's every day you get attacked by monsters(I hope not).So,I guess that that for now,just me rambling.Ounce again,this is Val,Cya

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