So any way,I finally got to play 2 of the Fatal Frame games(1 & 2).Lotsa fun :D,different then Silent Hill but very creepy.Out of the two games I have to say I like the 2nd one best,not so much the story(which I thought was great btw)but it was just an over all fun game,all the horriable ghost,the mystery and the sad ending.Don't get me wrong though,FF1 was awsome too,alot more jump parts I thought,and I loved how much easier the Camera Obscura was to use then in FF2.So,I guess I posted this to say I am also a Fatal Frame fan now,but I still like Silent Hill better.I do kinda think Fatal Frame is scarier,though Silent Hill is still more disturbing.I might play them again at some point to get one of the other endings,but for now I'm just going to wait till I can play Fatal Frame 3(which I hopefully will get this friday).As for the future(or at least ounce I've beat FF3)I'm going to be celebrating my 17th b-day in May by buying a rated M game(Heavy Rain)on my own,YAY!Between now and then though I might check out other survival horror games I've heard of(Clocktower,Haunting Ground,Clive Barker's Jericho,etc)If anyone knows other horror games to recemmend feel free to tell me.Guess that it,till then,this isVal,Cya

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