• Hello community fan of silent hill series, welcome to my blog:

- I play silent hill 1, 2, 3, sh the room, sh origins, and sh homecoming.

  • Please explain me:

1.- Silent hill is a nigthmare, dimension, a damned/cursed place, or............. wtf?

2.- What/Who is the God? (I see incubus/incubator, god sh3, samael, but I don't understand two things. This is a demon or an angel?, and the true name of this entity is?), I see that the order seeks to rebirth this entity to create a "¡¿paradise?!".

3.- The monsters are?: nightmares, dead persons, abominations, demons, manifestations or wtf

4.- And explain me the existence of these areas: nowhere (this area is a combination of many areas) and the final area of sh the room.

Warning: No way out of silent hill and this blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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