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    Please see this image

    In A mine...?

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  • Tricell

    are ghosts of dead people (as silent hill the room)

    are creatures (as silent hill homecoming, sh1)

    are demons (sh origins, sh 1, sh3)

    are sins, nightmares or bad things (sh origins, sh2, etc)

    Please, think and answer this question.

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  • Tricell

    the god............?

    May 1, 2011 by Tricell

    Hello community............

    The god is a angel, demon, spirit, or wtf

    In sh 1...... (incubus is a demon, incubator is an angel)

    in sh 3...... (god is a strange twisted entity)

    in sh origins (flauros is a demon)

    in sh homecoming (is a sacred spirit)

    I kown that the name of this entity is samael.

    But, What is this entity?.

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  • Tricell
    • Hello community fan of silent hill series, welcome to my blog:

    - I play silent hill 1, 2, 3, sh the room, sh origins, and sh homecoming.

    • Please explain me:

    1.- Silent hill is a nigthmare, dimension, a damned/cursed place, or............. wtf?

    2.- What/Who is the God? (I see incubus/incubator, god sh3, samael, but I don't understand two things. This is a demon or an angel?, and the true name of this entity is?), I see that the order seeks to rebirth this entity to create a "¡¿paradise?!".

    3.- The monsters are?: nightmares, dead persons, abominations, demons, manifestations or wtf

    4.- And explain me the existence of these areas: nowhere (this area is a combination of many areas) and the final area of sh the room.

    Warning: No way out of silent hill …

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  • Tricell

    Hello community fan of silent hill series:

    mystery: ritual, demon/angel, event, sect, relic, place, etc for silent hill

    what are your ideas?

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