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    Part of my series of analyses on Silent Hill 2.  To read more, check my website,

    The end of the hospital level introduces us to a motif which will become a staple of the end of the game: the descent downwards.  The beginning of the game draws comparisons to Dante’s Inferno and walking through the gates of hell; now, we’re descending into its bowels, further and further into darkness and unreality. Once both rings have been obtained, James and Maria return to the Lady of the Door.

    As I explained in the riddle section, this is a symbolic marriage for the two characters, with the exchange of rings by a holy figure.  Giving the angel the rings unlocks the door, which leads to yet another staircase, much like those the…

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    This is cross-posted from my website, The 4th Floor, a site that contains all my analysis and critique of the Silent Hill games series.  Thice is the beginning of a longer analysis of the entire Silent Hill 3 game.

    The story begins with a dream – much like another Silent Hill title, in a way. The first game opens with a dream-like sequence as well. It involves Harry moving between consciousness and unconsciousness, never sure which is the dream or the reality. Both the first and third games deal heavily with this idea of dreaming and the gray area between being awake and asleep.

    But Heather has a very unique dream. Hers is a premonition, a warning of future danger. She enters the Amusement Park to find it already transformed into the Otherwo…

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    (Originally posted to my Silent Hill site, The 4th Floor .)

    The symbolic importance of both Mary and Maria are entirely wrapped in one another: they are mirror images, reflections, and understanding one necessitates understanding the other.  They come with a dual context that makes exploring their symbolism jointly very important.

    It also requires, to some extent, discussing James, in relation to these two women; and to a greater extent, aspects of the Bible and Christianity, which were drawn upon for this game.  Symbols and themes from the Christian Bible are strewn throughout Silent Hill 2, and in many ways its primary female characters are easily relatable to some of Christianity’s most important women.

    The most obvious would be Mary, as i…

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    Time in Silent Hill

    December 11, 2013 by Thegamingmuse

    No one really knows when Silent Hill: Downpour actually happens.

    There are a lot of theories. Fans have scoured the game for clues, and their devotion has given us an opening of almost a decade wherein Downpour could’ve happened. The theories range anywhere from 2004 to 2016.

    Can we determine when the game happened? I think so. In fact, I’m certain I know exactly what year the game happened in - and I reasoned it out by exploring Silent Hill’s mythos and the way it presents time.

    It all comes back to this question: How does Time work in Silent Hill?

    So much is open to interpretation in Silent Hill. The games don’t give us concrete answers for most anything. Like, how exactly did the town come to exist? What power fuels it? How much belongs to th…

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    I haven't been able to get back to playing SH2, so I haven't finshed my SH2 symbolism series just yet.  But, I thought I'd share something I wrote about SH4 in the meanwhile.  Enjoy!

    Silent Hill 4 is a strangely told story.  It lacks a great deal of the themes and motifs of previous games; locations are transient and are returned to repeatedly; puzzles, as they were before, do not exist; the loneliness of previous games is relieved by the large cast and the presence of a bustling town outside your window, though the feeling of isolation is still strong.

    These alterations make this a story that is hard to understand, especially because half of the tale has already happened.  By the time Henry is involved, 15 of the sacraments have occurred.  …

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