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A glitch in Silent Hill 2?

I was playing Silent Hill 2 yesterday, when I got to the Hospital to kill some Nurses I noticed something interesting. It looked like a glitch or some lucky trick, but with Silent Hill, you can never
HNI 0052
be t
HNI 0053
oo sure...

I took those pictures with my Nintendo DSi, hence the bad quality. But back to the topic, the pool of blood looks exactly like a cross, something that represents death, and having a dead creature over it fits perfectly.

My gamer curiosity took over me, and after some thinking I thought the Nurse could represent Mary, after she was murdered by James, and now trapped in a cross so she could rest in peace. I know, I know. It makes no sense. I just came up with that and wanted to ask if this has ever happend to you while playing the game. So? Is it a glitch or something put in the game on purpose?

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