Revelationbanner On October 26th, the second Silent Hill film will release to theaters. Entitled Silent Hill: Revelation, the movie stars Adelaide Clemens, Sean Bean, and Kit Harington. Directed by Michael J Bassett and co-written by Martin Solibakke and Michael J Basset, Sileent Hill: Relevation 3D pulls the story and characters of Silent Hill 3 to the big screen.

Similar to the first Silent Hill movie, there will be some tweaks to the approach of story. What elements from Silent Hill 3 were borrowed and adapted in this new movie? Quite a few, and it seems the movie itself follows the game's plot and synoposis rather closely. What do you think of this movie adaptation? Is there any alterations or modifications to the plot that you are concerned over?

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Silent Hill 3
The movie follows the teenager Heather Mason. On her night of her eighteenth birthday, she is plagued by nightmares and her father disappears. She discovers that there is more to her identity. This revelation pulls her into the alternate dimension of Silent Hill. She would encounter a man named Vincent, Rose Da Silva, and a cult lead by Claudia Wolf who has control of the town. The movie's trailer also reveals Pyramid Head. SilentHillCharacters Many of the characters seen in the movie are directly pulled from the game itself. The movie is a direct following of the story of Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3, involving the realizations of her identity. Claudia Wolf serves as the game's primary antagonist, who wishes to create a 'paradise' on earth. Heather interacts with Vincent, another member of the cult, Leonard Wolf, Claudia's abusive father, and Douglas Cartland a private detective pursuing her. Pyramid Head does not appear in Silent Hill 3.
Plot The plot of the movie remains similar to the game's plot, with Heather attempting to piece together the truth behind her identity. According to trailers, it's assumed that Heather discovers her significance in the movie's early stages, instead of slowly discovering from Claudia and her experiences in the alternate dimension. Heather is shown to have the Seal of Metatron in the trailer. SealofMetatron The game begins with Heather in a shopping mall, being bothered by private investigator Douglas Cartland. And she attempts to avoid him slipping out of a bathroom window, she encounters hellish creatures within the now abandoned mall. She runs into Claudia, who cryptically tells her of her significance and her goal for paradise on Earth.

The movie's trailers seem to show only the ominous town and the occasional glimpse of creatures. There seems to be a creature of infused mannequins seen in the trailer. The angel/monster Valtiel will make an appearance in the movie. Pyramid Head also makes an appearance. Silent Hill monsters such as Numb Bodies and Missionaries are shown the trailer.

ValtielArt Silent Hill 3 contains various nightmarish creatures that hunt and pursue Heather at every turn. These creatures include the staple Numb Bodies, Closers, Split Worms, and Slurpers. Heather also fights bosses such as the Missionary. Heather fights different types of creatures as she further explores in the game.
Setting The movie confirms several locations that are present in the game, including Lakeside Amusement Park (with an appearance of Robbie the Rabbits), the trailer shows Heather at her school (which briefly changes into the alternate dimension). The trailer also reveals the street of Silent Hill as well as the Order Church. AmusementParkMovie The game has some specific locations that Heather explores, including the Shopping Mall, Lakeside Amusement Park, Brookhaven Hospital, and the Church of Claudia's Order. Some of these areas are altered and revisited.

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