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  • I live in Phoenix
  • My occupation is Full time nerd
  • I am male
  • Tallon Prey

    Does anyone else think Pyramid Head has been played out? I've grown tired of Pyramid Head. He's been used way too much and shown up too many times in the series. He's in too many spin offs and has become the poster boy of Silent Hill. Now, I may be fairly new to the series of Silent Hill but I think he's over stayed his welcome. He's in Homecoming, the Arcade and the movie. I don't know. Maybe I'm just being touchy about who should actually be the person you think of when Silent Hill is mentioned... Someone like ALESSA!?!

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  • Tallon Prey

    What if Laura was the next protagonist? The little girl that spent a lot of time in Silent Hill without actually seeing the bad Silent Hill. She couldn't see monsters because she was to young to have inner demons. Now, fast forward about ten years into the future. *I'm going off the "Leave" end from Silent Hill 2* She already knows (Spoiler) that James killed Mary. What if she found out about Eddy and Maria. She may not have known Maria but that's still a living person that James also murdered. Same with Eddy, someone she knew, like Mary. What if she grew up with James, resenting him? Imagine the monsters Silent Hill could stir up. The bosses. The puzzles. The level themes. That's what I would like to see.

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