Well, I was reading over my last blog post and the comments left on it. In the blog it talks about Walter's suicide in prison. I recently looked at Walter Sullivan's own page and it sayed that it wasn't Walter who killed himself in the prison and was a fake, but I think I found some holes in that theory and I want some other peoples' opinions on it. Number one, if it was a fake Walter, how could they identify him as Walter Sullivan. I mean they would have to get some people who knew Walter (people who Walter didn't kill yet) to identify the body. Plus, if they didn't know it was Walter's actual body, then why did they burry the body in the cemetary behind the Wish House Orphanage where Walter was raised. Also, the body that was burried in the cemetary was dug-up by Joseph, who discovered that there was no body in it at all. The numbers Walter carves on his victims were also scrawled out on the coffin. This adds to my theory that ghost Walter, who separtated from his physical body after his suicide, pulled his own physical body from the ground and put it in the secret place in the apartment room. I think that ghost Walter put the body in there because the place was close to his "mother" (the room itself) and it could also benefit from the hauntings that go in in there, like making the corpse able to mutate into the giant rotted figure known as the Conjurer. Ghost Walter probably put the body up on a crucifix to show that he thinks himself to be something holy (like Jesus, who was holy, and was also crucified). Another thing is that the death of Walter himself was part of the 21 Sacrements, he himself being one of the victims.

It is also mentioned that people of the apartment saw Walter wandering around in certain places in the apartment and Joseph (owner of the room after Walter) said there was signs of someone else living in the room too. I'm thinking that it was ghost Walter who was doing this so he could visit his "mother" and his physical body. Signs of someone living there doesn't just mean that food was missing from the refrigerator, it could mean that items in the room were moved. Which could say that ghost Walter didn't like how Joseph changed things around in the room. Also, because it was ghost Walter who they were seeing, that could be why they could never catch him and question him on why he wanders around because he's a ghost and can suddenly disappear if anyone gets too close. I also beleived that it said that they see kid Walter wandering around too, which would help with the ghost Walter theory, because kid Walter is also pretty much a ghost representation of Walter's conscience. Now if it was a fake Walter who commited suicide, the real Walter wouldn't be able to show himself with the kid version of himself because he would still be a physical being.

Okay, well, I'm hoping that people will read this and consider my theory. It would be cool if people could leave comments on what they think and leave some of their theories.

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