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    HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!! I just watched the first part couple parts of the Real Silent Hill Experience on youtube! I thought I wasn't going to like the videos because they would analyzed the games too much, but actaully they pretty dang great! They're funny too! I recommend anybody who hasn't watched them yet, to go to youtube and watch them! They shed a lot of light on the subject!

    They also backed up my thoughts about Pyramid Head. The Pyramid Heads on SH 2 are only for the punishment of James, but he wasn't the first Pyrrie (My nickname for PH... pronounced Perry). The image Pyramid Head takes on is from the executioners the were in the old Silent Hill prison. So even though the Pyrries on SH 2 were only for James, the image of PH wasn't o…

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    Walter Sullivan's suicide

    November 23, 2010 by TJK ERNST

    Well, I was reading over my last blog post and the comments left on it. In the blog it talks about Walter's suicide in prison. I recently looked at Walter Sullivan's own page and it sayed that it wasn't Walter who killed himself in the prison and was a fake, but I think I found some holes in that theory and I want some other peoples' opinions on it. Number one, if it was a fake Walter, how could they identify him as Walter Sullivan. I mean they would have to get some people who knew Walter (people who Walter didn't kill yet) to identify the body. Plus, if they didn't know it was Walter's actual body, then why did they burry the body in the cemetary behind the Wish House Orphanage where Walter was raised. Also, the body that was burried in …

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    I've been thinking about this for awhile and it's really bugging me. I want someone's else's opinion on this.

    In the "Article about murder incident" found in the trash on Silent Hill 2 (can be read here> it reads about Walter Sullivan, the Order related killer from Silent Hill 4. In the memo, it mentions that the "Red Devil" was after him, the "Red Devil" being Pyramid Head. I was thinking that when Walter was killing his first couple victims for the 21 Sacrements, the God (Samael) didn't like how Walter was completing the ritual so she sent Pyramid Head to go kill Walter. Maybe, Pyramid Head quit chasing Walter when he got side-tracked by James Sunderland, whose torturous past fe…

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