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    I just watched the RHPS, and over all it was a great movie. Lots of great songs, very funny and an hour and a half of Tim Curry! The acting was good (though in some parts it was purposely bad, in a funny way.) and theres a hell of a lot of memprable charecters. The way some of it played out it was kinda like a funny version of silent hill (except with no monsters, and a hell of a lot more sex.) But one things bugging me. During the Rose tint song, you can totaly see Little Nells nipples. Does anyone else notice it? Ive checked online and noone has mentioned it!

    Anyway, id defenetly recommend it to anyone.

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  • Squishymcd

    Pyramid head article.

    January 5, 2010 by Squishymcd

    In Silent Hill 2, it is perfectly possible that under his helmet, Pyramid Head looks exactly like James. This is shown by the fact that they are roughly the same height, size and make the same grunt. This would show James' true desire to be punished, as he is doing it himself.

    Im just posting this so when SyphonFilter deletes it (and they will, trust me) i can just copy/paste instead of typing it again.

    Suck it syphonfilter.

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    Pyramid Head Poem

    December 31, 2009 by Squishymcd

    Do not stab me with your spears
    Do not embody my fears
    It's my fault my wife is dead                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    I do not like you, Pyramid Head!

    I do not like your metal mask
    I do not like your grisly task
    I do not like your bloodstained skirt

    I do not like your world of hurt

    I do not like your Great Knife's scrape
    I do not like your Mannequin rape
    It's still my fault my wife is dead

    I do not like you, Pyramid Head!

    James' thoughts put in poetry during the double Pyramid head fight.

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