I thought it may be useful for people looking for information if we had a page for fan theories. Bear with me here. I'm not talking about things like characters' sexuality, but rather possible explanations for questions raised by the series. By that I mean things that we have actual evidence and logic for. For example:

  • I know others and myself have given a lot of thought on the Otherworlds. It's made clear that the Otherworld are Fog World are a sort of astral plane where the mind rules over physical laws. We could offer explanation as to why the protagonists mysteriously find convenient items and clues, or why health drinks have the power to heal wounds. An explanation for this would be that since the mind has an effect in this world, their will to survive offers some degree of protection. This also shows up in the movie because the church building offers protection from the Otherworld and monsters.
  • The powers of the characters. We could mention that Heather has a degree of precognition, as she had a very accurate premonition of the Amusement Park. It's also possible that Travis naturally possesses some degree of psychic powers, as Alessa was able to "grant" him control over the Otherworld. It's also obvious that Dahlia has special powers as well.
  • The possibility that Silent Hill was not always a hellish place. It was called a sacred place, but the dark and grisly events of that took place their, combined with reality warping Alessa's pain and suffering possibly twisted and darkened it.
  • The possibilty that the "astral plane" is not entirely unique to Silent Hill. It could show up in other places, as the Otherworld spread to other places.

The purpose of a Wiki is to provide information and to people. Silent Hill raises many questions and I think people may appreciate this.

There could be a template that says that an article contains speculation, or we could have it limited to one article.

On second thought I didn't take into consideration the work to be done on existing material. I just thought it would be convenient for people to find it on a well known source for information on the games.

New Wiki

Just created a new Wiki for compiling theories.

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