• Sisslethecat

    Hey there, silent hill community! I was just re-playing my copy of Silent Hill 4: The Room, and I remembered something. Well, was forced to remember it. I hadn't played SH4 in some time, it was pretty much my first Silent Hill game that I played all the way through, then I moved to SH5, 6, 2,1,3,0. Retarded, I know. Anyway, I have Silent Hill 4 on the Xbox, and I play it on the Xbox 360, and I was wondering if anyone could answer a question. What the hell is happening to everyone's faces? For some reason, and this only happens when I play it on the 360, the faces of ALL of the charecters split and mosaic everytime they have to talk, grimmace or really do anything beyond their standard, emotionless face. These people's faces litterally SHAT…

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