hello readers! After the release of shattered memories, i'm sure we are all thinking the exact same thing : what will be the plotline for the next spin-off silent hill game? (I call them spin-offs b/cause they are not tied in with the first games storyline i.e sh2, 4, and homecoming) i'm sure we don't want another guy looking for his dead wife (though that was the best spin-off of the series :-) ) , an emo dude locked in his room, and some ex-military man who is so sad because his parents never loved him as a kid and he killed his brother. I am looking for ideas on the next silent hill spin-off. leave a comment and at the end of the month, i will pick whichever one seems the most realistic and their name will be mentioned in my next blog as a gratitude post. (i'm a poor person, so i can't exactly give anybody a prize other than gratitude and a message that you will recieve in you're inbox if you win) p.s. if you wish to leave your email address in the comment box that way i can send you a message if you've won, it would be greatly appreaciated. can't wait to hear your ideas!!

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