confusion is imminant (idk if i misspelled it nor do i care) as the new trailer for the upcoming silent hill game was released yesterday, at the konami E3 2010 press conference. Now, when Akira Yamaoka left Team silent in 2009, i felt a huge chunk of silent hill get ripped apart that made the series great - the music. and with the news of the newest composer for this game being Daniel Licht with such hits as HellRaiser, Children of the Corn, and Dexter (available on Showtime) i'm skeptical. i don't know if he can fill the extremely large shoes that Akira made being with the series for nearly a decade, and to be honest they could've chosen someone who's had experience in survival horror VIDEO GAMES (*cough cough Olivier Deriviere cough cough*) but now there's another issue rising - who's making the game? rumors have been surfacing that Team Silent isn't making the game, and if that's the case, who is? i've heard that it's ex-2k game developers from the czech republic, but again, i don't know. do you guys know? if so, could you tell me? i'm nervous and excited to see hwat the future of silent hill will bring. Let's just hope that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Joe Romersa stay as permanant residents of the famed town.

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