Hello, i'm silenthillfan1983, and i'm going to be writing reviews on all the new games that come out. Today, i'm going to talk about alan wake and why it sucks eggs- massive ball eggs.

Why? because it is a massive rip-off of silent hill and obscure in a sunny location.

  1. the main character is named alan wake a WRITER. Harry mason was also a writer.
  2. he's looking for his WIFE. James sunderland was also looking for his wife.
  3. The first 2 things they give you in the game is a flashlight and a gun. All, you need is a health drink, and a radio and you're good to go! . . .not.
  4. In order to defeat the "monsters" you need to shine a flashlight on them and fire your gun. if this isn't a reference to the obscure gameplay, i don't know what is.

If there are any reasons why this game won't be a massive rip-off of silent hill and obscure, tell me. i'd love to hear your response.Silenthillfan1983 21:51, March 16, 2010 (UTC)

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