So, have you ever heard a music track that:

  • Made you shiver everytime you heard it?
  • Makes darkness scarier than it already is?
  • Gives you nightmares when you listen to it at night?

For me, the scariest tracks are Prayer, Lost Cause, Black Fairy, Die Patient..., and Unhappy Carousel.

  • Prayer scares me because of that weird noise(that plays as soon as Heather feels pain), ominous chanting, and what sounds like high-pitched monster cries heard in it.
  • Lost Cause scares me because it sounds like caroling ghosts or some kind of low moaning. At night, it's worse.
  • Black Fairy scares me 'cause it drones and the sound of the videotape rewinding is just... "aah".
  • Die Patient... is scary because the music intensifies when James approaches a monster.
  • Unhappy Carousel is creepy because it's sort of happy. But mixed with the Otherworld looks of the carousel, the blood, and horse cries, it's just one of the scarier tracks.

Any tracks scare you?

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