I've known Silent Hill so much it has entered my dreams once in a while. One I can remember in few details went as follows:

  • The "main character" of the dream was Heather Mason. Huh... Weird.
  • There was a narrow hall that seemed like it was going through a small hill, and it had sod covering the walls and ceilings, and the middle of the short hall was a hole.
  • On both sides of the hall were compost heaps, filled with grass, mud, and worms.
  • On the ceiling was a hanging grey body bag.
  • Heather started walking toward the compost heap ahead of her, the hole mysteriously disappearing, and this half-corpse thing springs out of the heap, knocking Heather back into the body bag.
  • The body bag zips open, and a corpse walks out of the bag, going for Heather.
  • Half corpse things keep popping out from the heaps, but the cannot go any farther than the location of the heap(I suggest they had a tube-like muscle that was powerful, but anchored to their hiding place).
  • The next "scene" was on Lakeside Amusement Park's Happy Carousel.
  • The horses' positions were exactly the same as they were in the game, including the horse with the riddle. Like the game, they had hooks and moved up and down, and the one with the riddle was immoble. The note had text similar to the text in-game, with the words "12 deaths before the 14th spin." The Halo of the Sun is also on some horses.
  • Heather had a katana and started hitting the horses. Soon miniature creatures similar to Pendulums and other monsters start ambushing her. They kill her once, but she comes back and tries again. It's unknown of Heather succeeded, because I wake up after that.

Note: I don't consider this a nightmare because I normally have dark dreams like this.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you before?

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