• Part 9! Awesome! I'm trying out my new catchphrase! Ain't it working out?
  • So, we'll start with the viewpoint of the Villians.

"Six hours, your high priestessness!" Josh said.

"Good. Hmm... we should do something to celebrate the coming of God before the world is cleansed with fire, as one of my followers said before," Dahlia said.

"How about... hmm... baking a cake?" Eddie suggested.

"Or maybe blowing up some balloons?" Walter said.

"Or perhaps opening a bottle of champagne?" Judge Holloway asked.

"Or, we could make some PTV!!!!" Lisa said, obviously high.

"PTV? There are children here, Lisa!" Josh said, "Including this fat one!"

"Hey! Watch your mouth, Joshua!" Eddie said.

"Sorry, I was just joking..."

"Stop this nonsense, you two!" Dahlia said, angry. "This is serious business, and we need serious answers... Lisa. Any other ideas?"

"We could just pray for the half hour before her arrival..." Walter sugested.

"Great idea, Walter. Give yourself some candy," Dahlia said, handing him a key.

Walter headed for the padlocked candy bowl and picked out a candy bar.

"Pray? For half hour? What?!" Josh said.

"Exactly, Joshua. Is the sacrificial room ready for the ritual?"

"Yes, Dahlia," Judge Holloway said.

"Ooh, this is great! My dream- I mean, our dream will finally come true!"

"My thirst for knowledge has not yet been satisfied," Vincent said.

"I'm starting to get a thirst for blood... Your blood..." Douglas said.

"You know vampires don't exist."

"Dammit, Vincent! Shut your goddamn mouth!" Maria yelled.

"Watch your language! My daughter is right here!" Harry yelled.

"I wouldn't be using such language if Vincent shut the hell up for one night!"

"We are most likely gonna die in the next few hours, adn I am wondering why," Vincent said.

"Shut the f up!" Cheryl Heather shouted.

"I told you what I am doing!"

"We are trying to sleep, Vincent, and yet you keep running your mouth!" Wheeler said.

"Must... make... PTV..." Michael said.

"Good thing Josh isn't around," Henry said, unaware of the whole situation at the moment.

"Idiot, can you not notice the fact that Vincent keeps talking?!" Cybil said, grouchy from sleep deprivation.

"Alex, you still worried about Mary germs?" Travis jokingly asked.

"Hell, yeah! I'm gonna become ugly like her if I catch it!"

"You are not at all concerned about what will happen in the next few hours?!"

"No! We want to sleep! So shut your effin' mouth!" Douglas screamed.

"No! Not until I-"


Mary had picked up a folding chair with all her limited strength and whacked Vincent in the head with it, knocking him out.

"Wow, Mary! You did more than yesterday!" Cheryl said happily.

"Damn light, melted my boot..." Heather said.

"Heather, it's a boot. Your life is more important, isn't it?" Elle asked.

"Hell, no! My boots are extremely important!"

"I should take them off and stick them somewhere..."

"What? Screw you! You're not taking my boots!"

"James, help me take off this girl's boots. Talking about them is annoying me."

"Okay," James said, and pulled off one of Heather's boots.

"Hey! Don't! Give it back to me, idiot!"

James ignored Heather and pulled off the other one. It was revealed that Heather wears pink, ripped socks in on her feet.

"Don't judge me on my socks! I hate pink!" she yelled.

James took the boots and threw them onto the popcorn wagon.

"You're leaving them there? You fool! Give them back!"

Harry said, "They're boots, Heather. And besides, you are annoying us with those damn things."

"They are a prized possession, dumbass! I can't just abandon them!"

"Well, I'll make you! Elle said, and dragged her away from the boots.

"No! Give them back! NO!!"

"Sorry, Heather, there are things you gotta let go of..." Claudia said.

"Oh, wow, how appropriate, stupidass, after what you tried to do earlier?!"

"She's gonna keep arguing. Let's just move," Eileen said, and they exited the area they were in.

"My boots! Noooooooo!" she yelled, her voice echoing throughout the park.


They kept walking until they reached the Happy Carousel.

"Claudia! Claudia! I wanna get on the horsie!" Little Walter said.

"Okaaay... Does anyone else want to?"

"I do! I do!" James said, raising his hand and jumping up and down.

Claudia stared at him.

"I want to go on, too. I haven't been on one for years," Elle admitted.

"I do, too," Harry said.

"I do, but I don't know how I'm gonna ride it with only one arm..." Angela said.

Laura immediately jumped on.

Eileen and Heather got on, too, though Heather had to be on the floor since she had a tough time trying to get on the horse.

"I'll pass this kiddie ride. I'm a man, unlike most of you," Curtis said, pinching his nose to stop bleeding. "I'll control it instead." He stepped in the control room and turned it on.

It went slow, then gradually sped up. Curtis decided he did actually want to go on, so he ran up the steps and jumped on a moving horse. It went well for a couple minutes, but then something strange happened.

The head of the horse Angela was riding had twitched. The same thing happened to Little Walter's horse, and it also released toxic breath. The horse Heather was next to started bleeding, and the plastic on the horse was slowly being replaced with actual flesh. The head twitched rapidly, and the breath made Heather cough violently. Little Walter started to cry, and Claudia, being right next to him, took him off the horse and put him down. Soon, all the horses were being suspended with large industrial hooks. They bled, and the whole carousel soon turned to the Otherworld. A sudden jerk had happened, and the ride looked like it was going underground, each turn of the carousel digging it deeper and deeper into the earth. They were passing what looked like doors and windows, but the ride did not stop descending. It finally stopped abruplty, the entrance of the carousel became the gate to a secret area deep in the underground of Lakeside Amusement Park.

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