• Part 8, homies! This part is all about the Heroes, so, we'll find out what has happened after the tragedy.
  • Let's go already! Part 8! Now!

"Did you see that?" James said.

"I did... Angela?!" Eileen said.

"Are you alive?" Laura asked her.

Heather, still bleeding, asked, "Maybe that's a death thing. Maybe her fingers just wanted to move one last time?"

"No! No... I hope not," James said.

Angela's fingers moved again, this time they nearly closed.

"Aha! She is alive! Angela! Get up!" James yelled.

Angela didn't move.

"Maybe she's just... dead," Claudia said.

Little Walter, standing behind Claudia, started to cry.

"No! She's not dead! I know it, I know it!!"

"She is! Now get back in the car!" Curtis yelled.

"Curtis! You are no longer in charge! Shut the f up!" Elle screamed at him.

Curtis fell silent.

"I had nothing to do with this. Nothing!!" Harry yelled.

"Calm down, Harry. We won't get in trouble, he will," Heather said, pointing at Curtis.

"Hey! You were in the car, also! You'll go down with me!" Curtis said.

"You were driving! We were just helpless passengers who are now grieving over the loss of a stranger!"

"Hey! Hey, guys!! It's Angela! SHE'S ALIVE!!!" Laura shouted.

Angela started to move her head, and turned to look at James. "James..."

"What?" he asked.

"Am I finally dead?"

"No, you're still alive."



"Angela! You're alive!" Eileen said joyfully.

"No! I have to die! You! Blondie! Hand me the knife sticking out of your vest!"

"No! I won't be aiding your suicide!"

"Give it to me!"

"No!" Heather said, hiding the knife behind her back.

"I'm gonna take it from you!" Angela yelled and tried to get up. "Ow!"

"You broke something, I think," Laura said.

"Yes! One step closer to death!" Angela said.

"How the hell could you survive that?!" Elle asked.

"AHA! SEE?! You weren't meant to die now! You were meant to live!" James said.

Angela started to realize what James was saying is true. "I guess you're right. I should have died already from my injuries, but I don't feel like I am. Something is just keeping me alive. Long ago, I tried overdosing on sleeping pills, but I forced them back out. I was at the edge of a rooftop, but I couldn't jump. I held a knife to my wrists, but I hesitated. Now, I eat a rotten candy bar, but it doesn't kill me. I held a pistol to my head, but it was empty. I get hit by a car, but instead of dying, I get a broken arm and rib, and a bleeding head wound.

"I want to die. I want to die. It's because of my father and brother. I want to die. I want to die!"

"Screw your father and brother. You got us now, and we care for you," Heather said.

"No! I don't need your kind words. I don't want to see anyone, especially people who tell me good things.

'Keep at it!'

'You can do it!'

'We'd miss you if you were dead.'

I just can't take it anymore. I just can't be around anyone. I just... have to die now."

"No! You will not die on my watch!" Heather said, and pulled Angela off the ground, despite the great pain in her leg.

"Put me down! I'll just lie here till someone hits me again."

"There's a barricade right here! No one will pass through here!"

"I don't care. Let me bleed to death here. Besides, what am I gonna do with an extremely painful broken arm which you just pulled on?!!!"

"Sorry, but you and your friends are coming with us to Lakeside Amusement Park. NOW."

"No, no, no! I'm staying right here!"

"Please Angela? Me and James and Eileen want you to live and come with us!" Laura said.

Angela looked at Laura and said, "No, I gotta die. You go on without me and my broken bones slowing you down."

"No! You are coming with us!" Laura screamed, and pushed Angela down the road. James, Eileen, Claudia, Little Walter, Elle, Heather, and Harry followed. Curtis drove his car next to them, watching them walk.


James carried some duct tape with him, so he taped a strong stick to Angela's arm to keep it from moving. Then he taped her arm to her body to keep her from moving her shoulder.

"How exactly will this help me?" Angela asked.

"It's a makeshift cast, okay? I tried my best!" James said, sobbing.


"Enjoying your walk?" Curtis asked from his car.

"Shut up, Curtis. You're enough of a problem already," Claudia said.

"Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!!"

"Shut up!"

"Shut up!"

"You're acting immature!"

"You're acting immature!"

"That's it!" Claudia shouted, and punched him in the nose, causing him to bleed.

"Augh! I think you broke my nose!"

"Good. Shut the f up already."


Douglas Cartland is now at Lakeside Amusement Park. Repeat, Douglas is now at Lakeside Amusement Park.

The message was received on both Heather and James's radios.

"You got the message, too?" Heather asked.

"Yeah. I thought my radio was broken, and getting the message made it sound really important."

"So we are all heading there... why?" Eileen asked.

"Maybe... something called us. Maybe we are all supposed to be at the amusement park... but why?" Heather replied.

"Hey! Laura! You're hurting me!" Angela said.

"I know."

"Have you hurt more people? Jeez, you're mean."

"I don't know. Maybe I did."

"Don't get smart on me! And- ow! Stop touching my arm! Ow! Stop pushing me! You are applying pressure to my broken bones!"

"Stop complaining!"

"Hey! There's the ... uh... park! We're here!" Little Walter said.

"Where?" Angela asked.

"Huh? Are you blind or something? It's right in front of you!" Laura told Angela.

"Yeah. There it is. And Douglas is there!" Heather said. Elle continued to drag Heather around.

"Heather, when are you taking the metal out of your leg?" Elle asked. "I can't keep dragging you around all the time!"

"I don't know, but I could try walking," she said. Elle let go of her and Heather tried rising from the floor. She stood up, and put one foot past the other, but then- "Yeeeiii!" -felt pain, and fell back to the floor. "Sorry, I can't walk."

"Damn. Then I gotta drag your heavy ass everywhere."

"Hey! I am not heavy! And besides, you dragging me around is a nice thing. Thaaaaaanks... ☺"

"Ugh. You're welcome."


"Laura, let me go!" Angela yelled.

"No! You have to come with us!"

"Just for a few seconds, please! I think I'm gonna *gag* !"

"Gross. Okay, go!" Laura said, and released Angela. She quickly ran to the nearby tree and vomited behind it.

"Whoa. That bar's still having an effect on her," Eileen said.

"That's gross," James said. "That's my fault. OOPS."

"What bar?" Claudia asked.

"This stupidhead right here kept a year-old candy bar and gave it to Laura. She didn't want it, and Angela did. James didn't give it to her, then they started fighting over it. Angela managed to steal it and she ate it, attempting to kill herself with food poisoning," Eileen explained.

"Who keeps candy for a year?!" Claudia asked.

"I do..." James said.

"And you were gonna give that to a little girl?!"

"Uh, heh, heh... yeah."



The ten Heroes reached the entrance to Lakeside Amusement Park. There were turnstiles there, and none of them had a ticket. Curtis exited his car and hopped over them. "Who's next?" he asked.

Little Walter and Laura crawled under the turnstiles.

"I'll hop over, too," Harry said, and he did.

James, Eileen, Elle, and Claudia hopped over shortly after one another.

"Hey! What about me?!" Heather said.

"Hop over!" Angela said.

"Why aren't you doing that?"

"Cause I'm waiting for you."

"How sweet. You go first. I gotta think of another way..."

"Just think of something easy."

"I could hop over, but that wouldn't look too graceful. But it looks like I have no choice. Help me get over."

Heather stood up, and tried to ignore her pain. Angela went behind her, and unexpectedly pushed her over the turnstile. Heather got over, and landed on her back. "Ow! That hurt! Why did you push me?"

"You got over, didn't you?"

"Yeah... whatever, let's just go. Elle, drag me away..."

Elle, annoyed, grabbed Heather's arms and dragged her along, until they got to the Mountain Coaster.

The Mountain Coaster was huge, with prop mountains in the middle of the structure.

"I wanna ride the roller coaster!" Little Walter said.

"Me, too!" Laura said also.

"But we have to go find Douglas," Claudia said. The others put her in charge of watching both Little Walter and Laura. It looked like she didn't hate the job.

"But we wanna go on!" Laura said, and gave her the puppy-dog look.

"We can't. We have to see Douglas."

Little Walter started to cry.

"Okay, okay! Let's go." The park was currently in the real world, so nothing happened. Claudia and the kids walked up the stairs. Claudia didn't like roller coasters, so she strapped Laura and Little Walter in, and she controlled the ride instead. She turned the ride on, and the cars started moving.

"Whee!" they shouted. The ride seemed like it was operating normally, so Claudia didn't think anything bad was gonna happen. She leaned on the wall, under an air vent, watching them on a closed circuit monitor inside the control room. They were happily enjoying the ride, waving their arms around. Claudia smiled as they were having fun.


"Okay, look. Claudia and the kids are on the Mountain Coaster, so... why can't we have fun?" James asked.

"We have to find Douglas, James. We can't waste time riding the rides," Heather said.

"But I wanna get on the Swing Rocket...!"


James fell to his knees and started to sob.

"I'm not falling for that."

"Fine, be like that. But I still wanna go on the Swing Rocket!"

"Actually, Heather, I want to have fun, as well," Elle said.

"What? No! We can't have fun!"

"Heather, I have to break my back dragging you around. Just let me and the others ride a few rides, and then we're on our way. I also could just leave you right here, and we could ditch you."

"Ugh, fine! But only a few rides!"

"Yay!" everyone said, and they scattered, finding a ride they want to ride. They went in pairs, so one could operate the ride, and the other to ride it.

Elle and Harry went to the Teacups, with Curtis contolling it. Harry looked like he had a lot of fun.

James and Heather went to the Swing Rocket at James's request. James squeezed himself into the kid-sized ride and signaled Heather to turn it on.

Eileen and Angela decided not to go on a ride, and instead, they told the others that after they were done, to meet them at the Borley Haunted Mansion.


"Okay, Claudia! Stop the roller coaster!" Little Walter said. Claudia turned the ride off as soon as the kids returned to the stop. They stepped off, feeling nauseous. After a few moments, they felt better. Both of them and Claudia returned to the area where they were to regroup. Everyone else returned ten minutes after they did.

Heather and James were the first to return, with James complaining about the tight space on the ride.

Elle, Harry, and Curtis returned soon after they did, and Harry was going to puke.

"Okay, everyone is back. Eileen and Angela are at the Borley Haunted Mansion, and we were told to meet them there, so, let's go," Curtis said.

Eileen and Angela were out by the entrance, reading the warning posted by the booth. "Oh, hey! You managed to get here!" Eileen said.

"Yeah. Hey, check this out. This is a weird symbol right here. It smells like blood," Angela said, noticing the Halo of the Sun near the warning.

After everyone got back together, they entered the mansion. A cheesy narrator welcomed them.

Welcome to the Borley Haunted Mansion. We're so glad you came. Please, come inside and look around. When you feel you're ready, then go through the door.

"I've been here before," Heather said.

"Shh! Don't spoil it!" Elle said.

Help... help...! Do you hear those voices? A family of four was sliced into bloody pieces in this room. Ohh, the cries of the children. The murderer was caught. Do you know why he said he killed his family? "Because I felt I had to!" Anyway, I'm lying. It's all just a joke. I wanted to scare you, that's all. The truth is... only one person died... by suicide.

The window flashed, and a silhouette of a hanged man appeared.

"I wish that happened to me," Angela said.

"So... did that guy who commited suicide really kill a bunch of people? Oh, how could I be so stupid! It's a haunted mansion, everything is made up. But if it's fake, why does it smell like real blood?" Heather asked.

"I wish I was the guy on the noose," Angela said.

Harry opened the door to the next room, and the others followed. There was a doll rocking in a squeaky chair by a desk in a room which looked like a library. Laura ran ahead of them and turned the corner. Then a body fell from the ceiling and stopped right in front of her face. "AAAH!" she screamed, and nearly peed her pants- er, dress.

That's Danny. A quiet young man, but quite friendly, as you can see. He was so eager to meet you. His hometown is New Orleans, but he came here after first losing his way. Oh, maybe you might know? Where is the path to Heaven?

"Over here," Curtis said, pointing to a door in the opposite direction of Danny.

Elle helped Heather approach the body. "Jeez, it's real! I don't think they meant for this to be part of their 'attractions'."

The next room had what looked like a bedroom within a cage.

This mansion is quite old, so please watch your step. Sometimes the floor suddenly gives way, and beneath the floor, there's nothing.

Claudia walked ahead with Little Walter, and the spiked ceiling then came crashing down, nearly piercing Claudia's head.

I'm so sorry. This place is just falling apart. The mechanism is broken you see... it wasn't supposed to stop there, I assure you...

"Whoa. Well, here's the exit, anyway. Crazy old man trying to kill me," Claudia said.

There's the exit. I hope you enjoyed your tour. Please, come back anytime. Or, if you'd prefer, we could come and visit you... instead.

"I don't want anyone visiting me at night!" Eileen said.

"I do!" James said.

"Crazy idiot," Eileen said.

They opened the door and stepped out into the hall. "I thought this was the exit!" Harry said.

Ahh, that was supposed to be the exit. But it seems that no one wants you to leave. Everyone really likes you. They want you to stay with them... forever. I have to agree with them. Don't be afraid... dying is much easier... than living...

"What?!" Little walter screamed.

Then, a strange noise filled the hall.

"Run," Heather said. "Run!"

Everyone started running down the hall, and when the walls switched places, it caused much confusion. Elle was becoming exhausted, carrying Heather around everywhere. And now she had to drag her along faster to avoid death by a red light following them. The light went faster when they opened the next door. If anyone stopped or slowed down, their flesh would peel right off their bones.

Because Heather was being dragged behind Elle, she had the greatest risk of dying. Elle tried her best not to slow down, but she did. The light was approaching Heather's feet, and it nearly touched the tips of her boots. "Elle! Go faster!"

"I can't!" Elle screamed.

"I'm gonna dissolve here! Go!"

The light was extremely close to Heather's feet, and she had to use her feet to go faster. She did something similar to the crabwalk, but she obviously couldn't use her arms, since that's what she was being dragged by. It only helped her a little, and she was just tiring herself out.

The light touched Heather's boot, and the tip practically melted off. But at that moment, Eileen opened the door, and they were free. Angela quickly turned around and closed the door after Elle and Heather escaped. The light was no longer a threat, and Heather groaned at the sight of her melted boot, but she was happy that Elle had helped her escape with her life.

Sorry for the part being so long, it's major... sort of. Now it's time for Stupid Questions!

  • What group is your favorite (heroes, hostages, villians)?
  • Which Hero is your favorite?
  • If you could go to Lakeside Amusement Park, which attraction would you visit?
  • Is Heather's injury or Angela's injury worse?

Well, that's the end of SQ. Stay tuned for the next episode if you actually care!

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