• Like I said, TONS of spare time. Here's part 7 for ya.
  • Only 10 hours till the Arrival of God! Will the heroes make it?!

"Please, Angela! Stop trying to commit suicide!" Laura said desperately.

"No! I must leave this ground. You were put here on this earth... put here to feel joy, but I wasn't. I was put here to experience a living hell."

"No, you weren't! If you were meant to die now, why didn't you succumb to severe food poisoning... yet?" Eileen asked.

"Yeah! And, why did you fire an empty gun?" James asked.

"Those were just coincidences. I'm gonna die soon. Just have a car run me over, please," Angela said.


Curtis, slow down! There's people there!" Elle shouted.


A car had struck Angela, and she flew over the short barricade a few feet away.


"Curtis! You hit someone!" Heather said.

Curtis was nearly having a heart attack.

"I'm outta here!" Harry said, opening the door and shoving Heather out so he could flee.

"Ow! You must be a horrible father!"

"I don't care!" Harry shouted, and ran around the barricade, hiding.

"Ow... this really hurts..." Heather said, bleeding due to the metal still lodged in her leg.

Claudia stepped out of the car, and Little Walter quickly followed. She approached James, Laura, and Eileen, frozen with shock.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry for what just happened," she said.

"A... Ang... Angel-Angela..." James said.

Laura and Eileen didn't say anything.

Little Walter looked around, and saw some pretty birds... dead ones.

"What could I do to help you?"

"Che-check on he-her."

Claudia walked around the barricade, with Little Walter following. Harry was there, rocking back and forth on the floor. Angela was on the street, lying in a pool of blood.

Claudia approached her, and gasped. Heather, who was dragged over there by Elle, came to see Angela as well. Eileen, James, and Laura came over too, after recovering from their frozen-ness.

"Angela..." Eileen said, her voice breaking.

"She... she got her wish..." Laura said, sobbing.

"Oh, Angela! Why? Why?!" James said, falling to his knees and breaking down.

"Her name's Angela?" Claudia asked.

"Yeah. She came with us to go to Paleville, but then we were redirected to Lakeside Amusement Park."

"No way. We're going there, too! What is happening this week?" Heather said, still groaning in pain.

"I can't believe I hit her," Curtis said, approaching Angela's body. He knelt down by her, and said in a whisper, "I'm sorry." After a few moments, he stood back up, and was heading back for his car.

"Not such a hardass now, huh?" Elle said.

"Shut up. Get back in the car... After you all are done saying goodbye," he said, and opened his car door, then sat down, shutting the door after. He waited until they were done.

"I'll miss you, Angela," James said.

"I appreciated your offer to take me home... thank you," Laura said.

"I know I only knew you for a couple days, but I liked you. I'll miss you. We'll all miss you..." Eileen said.

Then the fingers on Angela's right hand twitched.

"Only ten hours, Dahlia!" Walter said.

"That fast? Really? Good. Is everything ready?"

"Everything was triple checked by us," Lisa said.

"Yes. We only have to wait just a little longer, and She will be on earth, just like She should have been a year ago," Judge Holloway said.

"Excellent. Eddie! Joshua! Come over here!"

"Yes, your high-priestessness?" Josh said.

"You and Eddie go check on the subject. What does it need?"

"Okay, Dahlia," Eddie said, and left with Josh.

"Ten hours, Douglas. Ten hours. That's all we have left."

"Jeez, leave me alone already!"

"Not yet. What will happen in ten hours...?"

"Extreme grouchiness and possibly murder!" Douglas shouted.

"Hey! I'm trying to sleep!" Maria said, sitting in a simple folding chair.

"Well, sorree! You and I would be sleeping peacefully if it wasn't for this big-mouthed idiot!"

"Hey! I am trying to find out what will happen in ten hours!" Vincent yelled back.

"Let me sleep! Let all of us sleep!" Deputy Wheeler called from his folding chair.

"No! I will keep you all up if I have to! I must find out what will be taking place soon!"

"I can't stay awake! I'll catch Mary germs!" Alex cried.

"I told you to stop making fun of my illness!" Mary shouted.

"But you know that's funny, Mary," Travis said.

"I am dying! You call that funny?!"


"Daddy! They're too loud! I can't go back to sleep!" Cheryl told Harry.

"Thanks, people. You woke my daughter," Harry said, slightly angry.

"Hey! This one is causing it all!" Cheryl Heather yelled, pointing at Vincent.

"I told you what I am doing! If you were as concerned as I am, then you would be keeping people up, too!"

"No we wouldn't!" Cybil called from the other cell.

"I would," Henry said.

"Shut up."

"I have to stay up. I have to make more PTV for Lisa," Michael said.

"I am worried about what Judge Holloway will do to me!" Cynthia said.

"Who cares?! Look, we already wasted an hour yelling at each other! Just... let me find out what is happen-shh! I hear them coming!" Vincent said.


"I heard her call me a Perro! Whatever that is."

"It's 'dog' in Spanish."

"What?! Oh, I'll think of something brutal for her, you just wait."

"You! In the cells! Shut up and get to sleep! You're gonna need the energy in nine hours," Dahlia said.

"WHAT ARE WE DOING IN NINE HOURS?!" Vincent screamed, to everyone's annoyance.

"Just wait, my boy. Just wait."

Are you anxious for part 8?! Whether you are or not, it's coming!!"

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