• Paaaaaaaaaarrrrrrttt 5! So far, the heroes are split into two groups:
  • Group 1 contains:
  • Heather
  • Harry (nerdy glasses one)
  • Elle
  • Curtis
  • Claudia
  • Little Walter
  • Group 2 contains:
  • Eileen
  • Angela
  • James
  • Laura
  • What will happen next?! Are you anxious?! Or bored out of your mind?!

"Walter!" Dahlia called.

"Yes, Dahlia?"

"It's day three already. Is everything ready for tomorrow? Is the subject ready?"

"Ales- I mean, the subject is ready."

"What? Who the hell is Alessa?"

"Your daughter."

"She's dead, stupid. How ever did that name come up in your head?"

"I actually have no idea. But that aside, God will arrive tomorrow evening."

"Gut. Mwahahahaha!!!"

"I don't speak German."

"I said 'Good', dummy!"


"Anyway, call Lisa. I must speak with her."

"Yessir!" Walter said, and ran down the hall. A few moments later, Walter arrived with Lisa. "Here she is, Dahlia!"

"Lisa, dear?"

Lisa didn't pay attention.

"Lisa?...!" Dahlia said, starting to lose her patience.

Lisa didn't pay attention.

"That's it, Lisa! Stop snorting your crack and listen to me!"

"It's not crack, it's PTV!"

"Whatever! Put it down!"

Lisa put it down, and folded her hands together, listening.

"Make sure the central area is clean and free of debris. We don't want Her to come in a dirty area, do we?"

"No, Dahlia."

"Good. You're dismissed. And here, take your crack."

"IT'S PTV!!!"

"I'm squished back here!" Little Walter complained.

"You're squished? I'm in pain!" Heather said.

"My sit-yoo-ay-shun is worse!"

"I don't see you having a piece of metal slicing your leg open!"

Little Walter created a mental image of her statement, then he started to cry. "Claudia! She's scaring me!"

"I'm scaring you? She nearly killed me! She's a nightmare!"

Little Walter ignored her statements about Claudia and said, "She's just like Mr. Andrew, Claudia!"

"Who the hell is Mr. Andrew?! And there is no way I'm like him!"

"He's a meanie, and you are, too!"

"Whaa, me?! No! I'm not mean, she is!" Heather argued, and pointed at Claudia.

"You're lying! Liar, liar, pants on fire!!"

"I'm not lying! Just look at her! Even her face is terrifying! See? NO EYEBROWS!!"

"Stop calling Claudia names!"

"She deserves those names! Wait, I didn't even call her anything!"

"You're lying again! LIAR, LIAR!!"

"I'm not!"

"Could you two just shut up?! I am trying to drive here, and you are sooo damn lucky I let you in here! I could have just let your ass burn, and your ass keep walking! So SHUT THE F UP!!" Curtis yelled at Heather and Little Walter.


Let's just go ahead and see what the other group is doing...


"I'm still hungry, James."

"I don't have anything for you, Laura!"

"Where's that candy bar?"

"It's in my Where is it? Where is it?!"

"Maybe you dropped it?" Eileen suggested.

"Yeah, I think you did!" Angela agreed, her eyes darting back and forth.

"... I'VE GOT TO FIND IT!!" James shouted.

"But it's rotten candy," Eileen said.

"Not just rotten candy! It had a limited edition Pyramid Head wrapper! I could've sold it for some quick cash!"

"That's it? But who would buy a candy wrapper?"

"There's this one guy, a millionaire, who is a huge fan of the guy, and he offered me five million dollars for it!" James said, looking at the ground, turning over stones and digging in the ground. Then, an idea popped up in his head. "Empty your pockets."

"What?" Angela said, surprised at his request.


Eileen and Laura emptied theirs, but Angela didn't.

"Angela... empty... those... pockets...."

Angela hesitated, then dug her hands in her pockets and turned them inside out. The yellow-and-red wrapper fell out of one of them.

"I knew it! It was you! But I got the wrapper! That's good! Yay! But- *gasp* - not the bar! Angela... did you eat it?"

As soon as James aked the question, Angela wanted to vomit.

"You did! You got food poisoning!"

"How could you, Angel?!" Laura asked.

"It's *gag* An-*gag*-gela," she said, and ran to nearby bushes and puked.

"I'm glad I didn't eat the whole thing," Laura said.

Eileen looked at James and Laura with a face that said, "Wow, you suck".

"Angela, you okay?" James asked.

"Ya think?!" she said, and puked again.

"Yes...?" James said. Eileen then looked at him with a face that said, "You are a complete idiot".


Back in Curtis's car, everything was silent. Elle looked out the window, Harry messed with his phone, Curtis drove with anger, Claudia was running her hand through Little Walter's hair, and Heather bled. "It should be like this until we get to our destination. You understand?!" Curtis said.

"Yes," everyone in the back said.

"You are such a hardass," Elle said.

"Hey! I could shove you out the door right this instant!"

"Jeez. Terrorist."

"Shut up! All of you! Shut up! I don't want to hear you!"

"Claudia, he's scaring me..." Little Walter said.

"WHY are you always calling her? She is nothing but an evil witch!" Heather said.


"Because what? What has she done for you?"

"She's gonna wake up my mommy!"

"Liar, Claudia! LIAR!!"

"I honestly said that I would try," Claudia said.

"Lies! You do nothing but lie and bring pain to people, including me!"

"I am gonna try..."

"Screw you! You won't! You just like suffering, and you tell everyone about the imaginary Paradise you dreamed up!"

"Don't listen to her, Walter. She's lying. Paradise is real. Because of her, we were never able to witness the rebirth of Paradise despoiled by mankind."

"Stop! Walter, she's lying to you!"

Little Walter didn't know who to trust, so he burst out crying.

"Look what you did, Claudia!"

"What I did? You started this whole thing!"

"Nuh-uh! You did!"

Little Walter cried louder.

"Dammit, shut that effin' kid up or I will throw you all out!" Curtis yelled.

Heather and Claudia looked at each other, then looked at Little Walter. Then they looked at each other again, and then thought of a compromise.

"Walter... will you stop crying if me and Claudia stop fighting?"

Little Walter nodded.

"Okay. I won't be mean to Claudia anymore."

"And I won't be mean to Heather anymore."

Little Walter stopped crying and became happy, but he still trusted Claudia more.

"Better than him crying, I guess," Heather thought.


Angela just couldn't stop vomiting for some reason.

"James, what was in that candy bar?" Eileen asked.

"Normal chocolate ingredients, except that it was, like, um, a year over its expiration date."

"Was she trying to kill herself?!"

"Actually, yeah. She has a history of attempted suicides. In fact, shortly after I met her, she was pondering suicide. I tried to keep the bar away from her, which obviously didn't work. Now, I guess, without the aid of a doctor, she'll die."

"You idiot. And you were going to give that to Laura?!"

"Uh, heh, heh... yeah."


"Well, sorree! I can't help my stupidity!"

Angela stepped away from the bushes. "Am I dead?"

"No, you're still alive," James said.

"DAMN IT!!!"

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