• Part 4 of the second series. I'll run out of ideas soon, so maybe this series won't last longer that 10 parts... seriously. The Hostages didn't get much screen time in the last episode, so this part is entirely in the view of the Hostages.
  • Awesome! Here we go!

"Daddy! My hair's messy!" Cheryl said.

"Honey, I can't keep brushing your hair every five minutes!"

"That means you don't love me! Fine! I'll go talk to the girl who has the same name as me instead! Goodbye, Daddy!"

'No, I'm sorry, Cheryl. Come here, I'll brush your hair."


Cheryl Heather felt jealous because her father isn't brushing her hair right now. "Harry...?"

"Yes, Cheryl Heather?"

"Could... could you brush my hair next?"

"But, aren't you like, 25 already?"

"My dad isn't here and I'm jealous of Cheryl right now!!!"

"Um... okay, I will."

"Thank you."


"Josh! Please! Stop taunting me!"

"Why should I?"

"Because I have problems, I told you! I'll go in the corner if I have to!"

"You better not, Henry!" Cybil said.

"I will if he doesn't stop it!"

"Do you want water, Cybil?"

"Oh, sure. Thanks."

Josh gave a glass of water to Cybil.

"How could you, Cybil! You sided with him?! WHY, GOD?!!"


Mary lie on the bed, coughing her lungs out. "How could you look like me, Maria?"

Looking through the window, Maria replied, "I'm a figment of James's imagination, yet because of Silent Hill I became real and so far I have died three times because of Pyramid Head, yet I keep coming back, and I look like you because I do, and I have no idea why everyone here can see and talk to me, but who cares! I can meet more people!"

"I didn't need a whole Wikipedia page about you recited to me."


Cynthia watched everyone doing what they were currently doing, and she was annoyed by the non-stop conversation between Dahlia and Judge Holloway. "Could I get some silence here?! I heard you two blabbing for hours! It's like listening to Chatterer from Hellraiser for a whole day!"

Both looked at Cynthia, but then they continued speaking.

"Stop it! It's annoying!!" she said, and pulled off one of her shoes and threw it at Judge Holloway. It hit her in the head, and Judge walked over to the cell.

"Is this yours?" she asked, holding up the shoe.

"No, duh! I threw it at you because YOU WON'T STOP TALKING!!"


"Oh, crap."


"Michael!" Lisa called.

"What? No! No more drugs! You don't get any more until you do something for me!"

"I'll call Walter over if you don't hand them over."

"He doesn't scare me!"

Walter came over and held up his pistol and laughed evilly. He then revved the chainsaw.

"Fine! Here! No more!"

"Kill him," Lisa said, and her left eye twitched.

Walter held up the pistol and fired... above Michael's head.

"Oh! Why would you do such a thing?!"

"I need more drugs."

"Fine, fine here! I don't wanna die!"


"Alex... you gonna eat soon?" Travis mumbled, stuffing his face with oatmeal that was given to everyone earlier.


"Alex, you gotta get up off that floor soon, or you'll catch Mary's illness," Wheeler said.

"Oh, god, no!" Alex shouted, and stood up quickly, and caused himself to feel dizzy.

"That got you up. Here, have some oatmeal," Travis said. "Here comes the plane! Reeeeeeer..."

"I can eat fine by myself, unlike Mary."

"You know, just because I'm bedridden and we're in different cells doesn't mean I can't hear you!" Mary shouted through the window.


"A ritual you say..." Vincent said.

"Yes, now can I please go to sleep?!" Douglas said, grouchy.

"No. What part would we have to play in the ritual?"

"None. It's not a play!"

"Not that kind of part. Let me think..."

"Good, think by yourself."

"I'm not thinking by myself! You're helping me!"

"Aaaaagh! Why did I have to be put in the same cell as you?!"

"This is really entertaining!" Eddie said, watching Douglas and Vincent arguing with each other.

"You! Fat tub of... uh... fat! Transfer me to the other cell! I can't take it in here!" Douglas shouted at Eddie.

"No, one of the reasons you're in cells is so you could torture each other with your stupidity."

"God damn you, Eddie," Douglas said.

End of Part 4! So, I'll post Stupid Questions at the end of every fourth part. Here's this episode's set of Q's:

  • Which group of Hostages is your favorite? Why?
  • Which incident (Josh taunting Henry, Lisa forcing drugs from Michael, etc) is the most interesting?
  • Which Hostage should speak more? Who should speak less?
  • Which pair (Douglas and Vincent, etc) or trio (Cheryl, Cheryl Heather, Harry, etc.) are the best?
  • If you could write the story, who would your hostages be?
  • Which characters should talk to each other (Cybil and Mary, Henry and Michael, etc)?

That's the end of our Q's. Tune in next time for the next episode of The Unlikely Heroes!

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