• Part two, and so far, every hero is headed for Silent Hill to look for the missing, the torture, the madness, the sadness, can this be...
  • All right! Woo! Let's get on with the story!

Angela, James, and Laura were walking down the one road still, trying to reach Paleville. "I'm hungry," Laura complained.

"We still have a long way to go, Laura. You'll be hungry for a while," James said.

The trio stopped at a bench and sat down. They walked a mile already. "I want to eat something," Laura said.

"Eat your dress," James said.

"I won't! I'll eat your jacket, though."

"Ohhh, no! Not my jacket! Mary picked it out for me."

"Fine. I'm hungry!!"

"Stop it! Stop it! Here, take this chocolate bar!" James said, pulling out some chocolate.

"This expired weeks ago!"

"That or nothing, Drama Queen."

"Fine," Laura said, and took the candy bar. She bit into it and made faces. "This is gross! Ew! It tastes moldy!"

"I'll eat it!" Angela said, stealing the candy bar.

"Oh, no you won't. I know you have a history of attempted suicides," James said, and took the bar.

"Damn it."


"Are you asleep?"

"I'm awake."

"You cold?"

"............................................... You sound just like Douglas."


"A detective. He drove me to Silent Hill a while back. He's a good friend."

"Where is he now?"

"I don't know. He might be on a case right now."

"You must've liked him... Oooh!"

"You're an idiot. He was only a friend. I wonder where he is right now, though."


Eileen made it to Silent Hill, and was on a station near Toluca Lake. "Where did you go Henry..." she thought. In her view was Lakeside Amusement Park. "Hey, I've been there before! That's where I got my Robbie the Rabbit doll! I should get another one!" she said, nearly forgetting about Henry. She ran up the road, not tiring herself out because she really wanted another doll. In front of her, on a bench, were three people, fighting over a small rectangular object.


"You just wait, Elle, you'll be glad that I took you to see your mother. Ooh, she's just wating to kill- er, see you! I have the most important thing in the world to tell her..."

"Then why didn't you go yourself? I would just slow you down!"

"Because! I told you to! And you'll come with me! That's final! And look, there's Silent Hill. The one road is up ahead, and that's where we're going. We're going to Paleville."

"I shouldn't have been outside today..."


Claudia walked down the road, holding Little Walter in her arms. He seemed pretty happy. "Put me down, er... what's your name?"

"Claudia Wolf."

"Yeah, Claudia Wolf, put me down for a while."

She put him down, and he started walking in front of her. 'Where's the"


"Yeah! Where is it again?"

"Silent Hill, and look, we're almost there. See, there's the lake."

"Ooh... can I swim in it?"

"No, it's salt water. And there's lots of poison and stuff in there."

"Oh. Hey, look! One road! That's funny."

"Yeah... the one road to Paleville. That's where the Chapel is."

"Josh! I need to pee!" Henry yelled out of the cell.

"Again? It's only been twenty minutes!"

"I have problems, all right? Just let me go!"

"Fine," Josh said, and he unlocked the cell door. Henry walked out and went to the bathroom again. He returned ten minutes later. "I told you, only two minutes!"

"Sorry. I told you, I got problems!"


"You know, my daddy loves me very much," Cheryl said.

"I can tell. He's right here combing your hair," Cheryl Heather said.

"I know!! *Squeals!* Where's your daddy?"

"I don't know. Maybe at home? It doesn't matter. He loves me very much, too, so he'll come for me. Cause I'm special."

"Special Ed!" Harry blurted out.


"Alex, are you ever going to get up?" Wheeler asked him.


"I guess not. Travis, what were you doing here?"

"I was going through Silent Hill as a shortcut to get to Brahms."

"Bad move, dude."

"Yeah, tell me about it."


"*Cough*, *cough*, *cough*."

"Mary, you okay?" Maria asked through the window on the shared cell wall.

"No. You look like me... cree- *COUGH!* -py."


"Brahms PD, come in, over. ... Brahms PD, come in, over! ... Damn!" Cybil said, and threw her radio to the ground, breaking it.

"We could've played Hangman on that..." Michael said.


"Why are we here?"

"You should know, you're the detective."

"So? That doesn't mean I know everything!"

"Well, you should!"

"You're the one who claims to know everything, Vincent!"

"Well... uh.. gah... so?! Find out why we are here, Detective!"

Judge Holloway was speaking to Dahlia about the plans, so Josh, Eddie, Walter, and Lisa went in front of the cells and decided to have some fun.

Lisa went to Michael's cell and said, "Give me the drugs, now."

"No! I need something in return."

"Eddie," she called, and Eddie immediately pulled out his revolver.

"Okay, okay!" Michael said, and gave Lisa the drugs.


Walter just stood on front of Cheryl's cell and made noises and faces. He menaced her and pulled out a chainsaw and revved it. He threatened to cut her in pieces, and Cheryl started to cry. Walter laughed evilly.


Josh stood in front of Henry and drank some water. He even said, "Henry... want some water? Or maybe you want to go to the bathroom...?"

Henry stared at the gallon of water and said, "Aah! Stop! I gotta go now!"

"I won't let you."

Henry groaned and his eyes watered.

How was this "episode"? Bad, right? Whatever, more sequels!

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