• Part 10. The series is coming to an end soon, like in three parts. No one cares, so no one will cry over it.
  • Let's find out what is happening on the Hostages' side.

"Whoa. I never knew you had that strength, Mary," Harry said.

"Me either. I'm happy for you, Mary! You did some more things today!" Cheryl said.

"I am so proud of myself," Mary said, resuming her usual activity, which is lying on a bed.

" Jajayaha..." Vincent said, talking in his knocked-out sleep.

"Yes! Finally, I can sleep!" Douglas said, and he immediately fell asleep.

"Me, too. Jeez, he was annoying," Maria said.

"It's amazing how you managed to whack him while you're in another cell, Mary," Cybil said.

"I'm magic like that."

"THREE HOURS!" Vincent yelled in his sleep.

Wheeler looked at Vincent. "How does he still know how long we've got?"

"Henry! Get away from the bars, and help us cover up Vincent. We don't want those people seeing him!" Travis said. "You too, Alex. Come here if you don't want Mary germs."

"Aah! Mary germs! I'm gonna die just like her!" Alex yelled.

"When will you ever stop making fun of me? I just got you three hours of sleep and yet you still make fun of me? Wow, you're pathetic."

"Yes! I finished making PTV Lisa! Now can I sleep?" Michael asked.

"Nope! You need to make much, much more!" Lisa yelled.


"That Michael just has to be selfish, huh? I have needs, too," Lisa said.

"Quiet! That is not important now, Lisa. Go to the subject's room. Margaret, Josh, Walter... empty out Cell One and take them to the sacrificial tomb. Now," Dahlia said.

"Yessir!" Walter said, and pulled Judge Holloway and Josh with him.


"Yes, Dahlia? You called?"

"Of course, I called. Stop being ridiculous. Go warn Cell Two that they will enter the sacrifical tomb an hour after the Cell One sacrifices... but don't tell them about the sacrifice. Just tell them that the are gonna get their picture taken or something."

"Okay, your High Priestessness," Eddie said, and he ran to Cell Two after the other three took the Cell One inmates.


"Okaaay, Cell Two inmates, wake up! You need to get up now!" Eddie shouted, hitting a pot with a metal spoon.

"Now? We just got to sleep!" Douglas said, now mean and grouchy.

Too bad, slaves. Mwahaha, I always wanted to say that. Now get up!"

"I don't wanna..." Maria called from her chair.

Eddie pointed his revolver at the ceiling and fired. "Get up, or I'll shoot each and every one of you!"

"Fine, fine, Jeez," Wheeler said from his chair.

"Don't put me next to Mary!" Alex said.

"Again, Alex?! LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!" Mary screamed, and she had a violent coughing fit right after.

"What is this place..." Curtis asked when the carousel gate squeaked open. The walls pulsated like a heart, blood crawling on the walls and ceiling. The floor was covered in squishy mold-like stuff. There was writing in red on the walls, but it was unreadable.

"I've been here before, too... It's the entrance to the chapel..." Heather said.

"You know what, Heather? I am tired of dragging you!" Elle let go of Heather's arms.

Heather's head hit the hard floor. "Ow!"

"Someone else take over for me, please."

"I'll do it... for ten dollars..." Claudia said.

"Oh, hellz no! I don't want the stupid who nearly killed my father to be carrying me around! I know she's just gonna dump me somewhere!"

Apparently no one was listening because Elle had paid Claudia the ten dollars.

"I hate you, Elle..."

"Hey, there's a door right there," Harry said, walking up the steps to a locked door.

Little Walter followed Claudia, who was now dragging Heather around, to the door. 'We're here! We're here! Now you can wake up my mommy, Claudia!"

Claudia walked up the stairs and dropped Heather so she could open the door.

"I knew you would do this! I knew it! Thanks a lot, Elle!"

"You're welcome," Elle said, smirking.

"Quiet, ladies! I am trying to do something!" James said.

"And what exactly is that something?" Eileen asked.

"Important... stuff," he said, and turned around so no one could see what was in his hand.

Angela turned him around and took what was in his hand. "A GameBoy, James? Really?"

"I was on level 99! I need to get to level 100!"

"Not anymore!" Angela said, and threw the GameBoy on the carousel, breaking it.

"Damn you, Angela. Damn you..."

"The door's open now. We can go in," Claudia said, picking up Heather.

"I don't trust you! Someone else drag me around!" Heather yelled while they entered the chapel.

No one listened.

"Well, screw you, I'm going home!"

"You can't go home, idiot. You have a injury," Claudia said.

"Oh, no! I am not listening to you! I am gonna pull out this piece and waltz outta here!" Heather said, and broke free from Claudia's grasp. She the grabbed the metal and tried to pull it out. "Ow! That hurts!"

"You didn't take it out earlier, so your skin started to heal around it. Now It's gonna be a part of you... forever..." Elle said.

"What? No! No! No! I'm pulling it out!" Heather said, and swiftly pulled out the piece. It took a second for Heather to feel the horrendous pain. "Ow! Ow, goddammit, it hurts! Ow! Ow! Ouch!" Her blood leaked out again after a day of it healing.

"Oh, so, can you walk?" Elle said.

"Ya think?! I can't walk for shi-"

"Shh! I can hear someone!" Curtis said, and ordered everyone to be quiet.

"Dahlia, the prisoners are in the sacrifical tomb, now. When do we kill them?"

"We kill them as soon as the..."

"I think that's them! I think we found them!" Laura said.

"Yeah, I'm sure we did..." Harry said.

"Let's go and find them!" Angela said, and everyone followed her lead.

James opened the door where the sound had come from, still grieving over his GameBoy.

Everyone was shocked at what was beyond the huge steel door.

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