• This is the official first part of The Unlikely Heroes. So, the viewpoints will switch between Villians, Hostages, and Heroes, but not in that order. You haven't met the Hostages yet, so it will begin with the viewpoint of the hostages...
  • I'll alternate between Heather Mason and the Blood Knight and The Unlikely Heroes, so don't worry, the small amount of HMBK fans.

"Hey, Lisa! Could I get some water?" Harry Mason asked.

"No. Wait until later," Lisa replied.

"But I helped you...! I deserve some water!"

"You abandoned me, you ass!"

"Oh, yeah."

Henry Townshend was pacing back and forth, doing a little dance when he stopped. "Joshua, can I go to the bathroom?"

"Uh, no. You'll all get a bathroom break in an hour."

"But I'll pee my pants! Please!"

"Nope," Josh said, drinking some water.

"You're taunting me! No fair! Stop! Aah! Let me go! Please!"

"Ha, ha, ha! No."

"That's it! I'll go in the corner!"

"No! Don't do it!" Cybil Bennett told him.

"I can't hold it any longer! I'm gonna do it!" he said, and he ran in the corner.

"Okay, okay, Henry. That was entertaining. Let's go," Josh said.

"Oh! Thank you!"

"You have two minutes."

Henry walked into the bathroom. He saw no windows or anything he could use to escape, but he didn't plan to, anyway. After he was done, he was led back to the cell. "Why did you remove the toilets from the cells?"

"So we could fit more Hostages in there. Also to not let you use the bathroom," Josh said.

"Not cool, man. Not cool."

Cheryl Heather Mason was sitting on the bed with Cheryl Mason. "We have the same name!" 7-year-old Cheryl said.

"Yeah, we do. How will we distinguish each other...?" Cheryl Heather said.

"There! That's it! The writer just did it! They called you Cheryl Heather! Boom! Now we know which is which!" Cheryl said.

"Okay, then. You! Pan to another pair of characters!"

Mary Shepherd-Sunderland and Cynthia Velasquez were standing, holding the bars to the cell. "Why am I here? I'm dying!" Mary yelled at Dahlia, who was sitting at a desk.

"Quiet you! You're here because I am luring your stupid husband here for the ritual."

"Ritual? What ritual...? I wish I was dreaming..." Cynthia said. "A nice dream with a flowery meadow and green grass and some unicorns with men's voices... Actually, that's a nightmare!"

"Shut up! Silence yourselves or I'll bring Eddie here to shoot one of you!" Dahlia said, angry.

In the corner of the second cell (adjacent to the cell containing Henry, Cybil, Harry, Cheryl, Cheryl Heather, Mary, and Cynthia), Maria and Michael Kaufmann were talking. "So... how does the drug made from White Claudia work?" Maria asked.

"Do you want to try it?"

"No. I saw what happened to Lisa," Maria said, and looked at Lisa. She was doing the drug like cocaine.

"That's just a rare side effect that just so happened to have an effect on Lisa..."

"Sure, sure. I'm still not gonna do it."

On the bed, Travis Grady and Deputy Wheeler talked about different things, and Wheeler talked about being on the force. Travis talked about being a trucker.

Alex Shepherd was rocking back and forth on the floor, speaking in an incoherant voice. He sounded like a maniac, sometimes swatting at imaginary bugs.

Douglas Cartland and Vincent were by the bars, waiting. "So, Vincent... did you like being stabbed?"

"What kind of question is that?! No, I did not like being stabbed! It hurts!"

"Glad I'm not you."

"Screw you!!"

Dahlia, still at the desk, was writing down plans for the arrival of God. "Yes... Yes! This'll be perfect. Eddie! Come here! You, too, Walter!"

Both Eddie and Walter arrived, and Eddie said, "Yes, what is it?"

"Go check on the subject. Walter, go get Judge Holloway. I must speak with her."

"Yessir!" Walter said, and wandered the halls looking for Judge Holloway.

A few mintues later, Walter returned with the Judge. "What is it, Dahlia? I have things to do," Judge Holloway said.

"Look over this plan. It is perfect!!"

"Yes, yes it is... Now we wait for Her arrival."

Eddie came back, panting. "The subject is ready for it. Whoo..."

"Good. We must not hasten God's coming. Make sure those hostages are healthy. We need them for the ritual. I don't want any sick... excpet for Mary, she's dead, anyway."

"Where do you live, Laura?" Angela asked.

"I don't know. Maybe here...?" Laura said.

"How do you not know where you live? Why would you even come to this town?"

"I wanted to see Mary! She's my friend. We met at the hospital."

"Mary? Mary who?"

"Mary... Sunderland? I don't remember her last name."

"Hey, a man named James was looking for her!"

"I know. But I wanted to find her first."

Just ahead of the pair, someone was running across the fog-covered street.

"Hey, you!" Angela shouted.

The person stopped, and looked at them. Then it ran toward them.

"Aah! Angela, look what you did!" Laura said, and ran behind Angela. Angela started running away, and the person followed. It started catching up to them...

"Angela! Laura! It's me, James!" the person exclaimed.

Laura looked at him and said, "Hey, it is James! Hi, James! What are you doing here?"

"I came to see Mary, but she's gone! I think she was kidnapped!"

"Oh, no! But you said she was dead," Angela said.

"I lied, she's alive, but now she's missing!"

"Then, let's go find her!" Laura said. They walked along the one road up to the North side of Silent Hill.

"*Gasp!* Henry! No! Where are you? Who took you away?!" Eileen said, worried. "I've got to find you!" she said, and ran out of the room, and out of the building. She ran in a hurry down to the subway station and took a train to Silent Hill.

"How the hell did you end up in my apartment building?!" Heather asked Harry.

"I live there, duh."

"No, you don't. My dad and I live there. Not you! And you have a daughter named Heather?"

"No, it's Cheryl, but I felt like saying Heather today. It's her middle name."

"You know, it's so creepy how we thought the other was a different person..."

"Yeah, weird. Like, if this were meant to happen. Where are we?"

"An unnamed town where me and my dad hid from the Order."

"Okay, where are we going now?"

"Um... I have a feeling that we should go to Silent Hill," Heather said.

"Then, let's go!" Harry exclaimed, and he jumped in his car and drove away. With Heather, of course.

"Why did I have to come with you? I have friends to find!" Elle told Curtis.

"Because I told you to, and your friends are not important. Judge Holloway is!"

"Where are we going, Terrorist?"

"Silent Hill. I'm sure she's there."

"No! Not there!"

"Too bad."


"No! No Wish House! Put me down! Aaa!" Little Walter shouted, trying to make Claudia put him down.

"Nope, you're going to Wish House and that's final."

"Noooo!!!! NOOOO!!! AAAAAAAHH!"

"You... are... going!"

Little Walter started to cry.

"Why don't you want to go to Wish House?"

"Mr. Andrew did it!"


"I was put in prison even though I did good readings, and Mr. Andrew made me drink water with moving black things in it."

"Moving... black... things..."

"Yeah! And it really hurt, and if I go back, he'll do it again! He hates me!"

Claudia put Little Walter down. "Why did you come to me? I'm nothing special... actually, I brought God... anyway, why me?"

"One of the kids said you can let God on earth, and so I thought you could let me see my mommy, too."

"I can't do that. Is she dead?"

"A lady named Dahlia said she's sleeping."

"Okay... um, the Chapel is in Silent Hill, so, we have to go there. I can try to wake up your mother, but that's all I can do."

"Yay!" Little Walter said, and jumped into Claudia's arms.

Part 2's coming up. You excited? Naw, my stories suck.

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