• Part 12. The final part. The end of this journey. Oh, boo-hoo, boo-hoo. So, now all we gotta do is read the last part to this Fan Fiction.
  • Here it is... the end of The Unlikely Heroes.

"Angela, gimmie the hard hat," James said.

"Okay, here. OH, GAWD, THAT WAS SCARY!"

"What was?" Heather asked. "I heard you scream through the radio."

"It.. was... and eyeless dog! OMG It was creepy as hell!"

"An eyeless dog? Where?" Harry asked.

"In these tanks filled with black fluid. They look like they were shaved or something. This dog turned to STARE AT ME and it had bloody eyesockets, man!"

"Okay, anyone got a laptop? Never mind, I can just watch the footage on the camera. Okay, there's Dahlia, and there's Mom, and- ew, Angela, you're right, they are gross!" Elle said.

"I know! And I had to hide behind them! *Gag* excuse me..."

"What are we gonna do? Dahlia's gonna be outside the door. Who's got weapons?" Curtis asked.

"I always carry my knife," Heather said.

"Better than nothing. Anyone else?"

"I can take this wooden plank from the pew," James said.

"I'll take this stray pipe!" Harry said.

Everyone looked around the main room in the chapel to look for weapons. Eileen found another wooden plank, Elle found a knife, Laura and Little Walter found heavy books, Claudia found a hammer in the pew, and Curtis brought a handgun with him.

"Hey! What about me? I told you I would get caught! I have no weapon and I can't use one!" Angela said.

"Too bad, bitch," Curtis said, petting the gun.

"If you drag me around instead of Claduia *shudders*, I'll give you my knife to use," Heather said.

"Okay. Wait... where are my shoes?"

James looked around the room and whistled.

"James, give me my shoes."


"I cannot keep using Eileen's shoes! I need mine!"

"He ripped them!" Little Walter said.

"Snitch!!" James shouted.

"You ripped my shoes? How the hell did you do that?!"

"He put them on! He said he would make them fit!"

"By ripping them with his Bigfoot sized feet?!"

"SNITCH!!!!!!" James yelled.

"You raaat, I know you're in there!" Eddie yelled from the other side of the door.

"Crap! He's here! Damn you, James!" Angela tried to drag Heather by the door, but it was hard since she only had one usable arm.

"Get out here! I won't shoot you unless you admit what you did!!"

Curtis loaded the pistol, but then James took it from him. "Switch weapons. I'm taking that tub of fat down!" James opened the door and shot Eddie in the head.

His body fell to the floor and made a tank in another room break.

"Ha! He was that fat?! WOW!" Elle said.

"Come on, let's go. We gotta find Dahlia and kill her," Heather said.

"Gah! You are heavy! Stop puttin' on the pounds!" Angela said jokingly.

"Oh, really? I'm fat?" Heather asked. She pulled on Angela's arm and caused her to hit the ground. "HA! Now you feel my pain..."

"I already had pain, stupidhead!"

"Where is Eddie? No matter, we must not wait any more. Bring me the prisoners of Cell One."

"Here, Dahlia. Right heyah."

Dahlia picked up a dagger from the nearby table. "Set up the altar, Josh. Lisa? Lisa, get off your crack!"

"I said it's PTV! What do ya want, you old hag?!"

"Bring me prisoner one. Now."

Lisa walked over to Harry and handcuffed him. "Here, Dahlia. Where do I put him?"

"On the table, of course. Where else?"

Lisa shoved Harry on the altar and strapped him to it.

"Good. Now, we wait for Eddie to bring those idiots here."

"Here's the door, see? And those nasty tanks. BLARGH!"

"Yeah, there. Come on, we can't be too far from her," Eileen said.

Claudia opened the door, and looked inside. There were two doors: one read "Prison Cells" and the other read "Sacrificial Tomb".

"Half of us go in each room. So, Harry, me, James, Angela, and you over there come with me to the tomb. The rest of you go in the cells," Curtis said.

"Hey! You don't call the shots here!" Elle shouted.

"Well, I just did! Ha!"

"No. James and Angela are coming with me. Heather and Laura are with me, too. You get Claudia, Little Walter, Harry, and Eileen. That's the arrangement. No changes. We agree?"

"Agreed," everyone but Curtis said.

"Okay! Let's go to our respective groups and my group follows me to the cells." Elle said, and she opened the door to the Cells.


Curtis and his group entered the tombs. Inside, Dahlia had been waiting for the Heroes to arrive.

"Hello, you've finally come. I expected you. Come in, and take a seat. I notice there's only five of you. Where are the others?"

"None of your business," Curtis said.

"Oh, really? Margaret, take the knife. Kill him."

Curtis had Jame's plank now, so he prepared for a fight.

Judge Holloway grasped the knife and drove it into Harry's chest. He cried in pain, and he slowly gurgled and died.

"You meanie!" Little Walter shouted.

"Get the next one, Josh."

Josh got Cheryl in handcuffs next.

"You wouldn't..." Eileen said.

Cheryl screamed as she was strapped to the table.

"No! Don't do it!" Eileen screamed.

Cheryl was dead by the time Eileen even started her sentence.

"Josh, Lisa. Bring two over here."

Curtis charged at Dahlia, but Judge Holloway stuck the blade behind her, driving itself into Curtis's body.

"Aah!" Curtis groaned, and he fell to the ground.

Little Walter started to cry while two more prisoners were killed.

Walter walked over to his younger self and said, "Don't worry. When we're done, we will wake up Mother..."

Claudia watched Dahlia order more hostages to be killed.

"Hey. Um, was that first guy Harry? Cause that's the same as my- HEY! That's my daughter! Leave her alone!" He picked up his pipe and bashed Josh in the head with it. Josh hit the ground with a loud thump, and his neck broke. "I didn't mean to..."

Judge Holloway slashed Harry's throat, and he bled all over Cheryl Heather. Their blood mixed when Judge Holloway did the same thing to her.

Eileen broke down when everyone in the first cell were killed.


"Ow, ow, ow, Heather, you are pulling too hard on my arm. Lose some of the pressure!"

"Shut up, Angela. We're here to find Douglas. Douglas! Are you here? Hello?"

"Heather?! Is that you?!"

"Douglas! I Heard him! Douglas! We're coming to get you!" Heather shouted happily.

"Good, cuz I can't stand being near this idiot!"

"Hey! I told you what I was doing, Detective!"

"I'm sure it's him! Angela, go faster!"

"You think I can go faster? Ha, no! I have an extremely hard time just dragging you to keep up with the rest of the group! I can't go faster!"

"I'll take care of this, Angela. I'll return to my original job... carrying a fatass everywhere," Elle said.

"Ah, now I know I'm gonna get somewhere..."

The five came across two prison cells, one was empty. The other cell had seven inmates, and Douglas and Vincent were two of them.

"Douglas! You're alive! I missed ya!" Heather said.

"What happened to you?"

"Oh, uh, I was in a car crash and a piece of metal got lodged in my leg. Just took it out recently. Now come on! Get out!"

"Aah! You saved me from making PTV for Lisa! THANK YOU!" Michael said.

"James! You're here, too! I'm... sorry for your wife."

"Maria... what are you talking about?"

"The prisoners in Cell one were taken to be a part in a ritual. Your wife was in Cell One."

James fell to his knees and started sobbing. "Mary! No!" He pounded the floor with his fist.

"Face it, James, she was gonna die anyway."

"Just let us out already! I don't want to die!" Wheeler said.

"Me either! I'd rather leave only Alex to get Mary germs and not me!" Travis joked.


"You! Blondie, the key is iver there."

"The name's Elle, you old- oof!"

Heather pulled her down to shut her up.

The prisoners were released, and Douglas punched Vincent. "Ow! What was that for?"

"That was for depriving me of sleep for three days!"


"Now we wait for the other hostages..." Dahlia said.

Eileen shouted "NO!"

"Dahlia, the sacrifices are gone! They escaped!" Lisa said while running back to the tombs.

"What?! Go find them!"

Dahlia was talking once again to Judge Holloway about things.


The door was kicked down by Angela, and she fell over.

The other Heroes had gathered the hostages and they were ready to fight Dahlia and the others.

Lisa was immediately taken down; she was beaten to death by Vincent's shoe.

Walter was running around with his younger self on his shoulder, but he was taken down, too.

This story is skipping valuable details.

Only Judge Holloway and Dahlia were left. Alex and Eileen tackled her and made her stab herself in the eye with the dagger.


Now only Dahlia. But she seemed happy. She had an evil smile.

"What is wrong with you? You are gonna die!"

"Oh hoo-hoo-hoo. You can kill me, but there's still someone else. Go ahead... kill me..."

"Okay," Maria said, and whacked her in the head with a chair. She then stabbed Dahlia with the bloody dagger.

"You idiot! How do you know that wasn't a trap?" Claudia said, finally speaking.

The floor rumbled under them.

The hole in the middle of the room was made wider by huge rotten hands.

"Oh, no. Not again..." Heather moaned.

"What? Ha! My dream came true, and I didn't die! HAHAHHAHA!! Success!" Claudia shouted.

- The rotten hands pulled a huge body out of the hole. Its head had no facial features, it was blank. Only half of the body was visible, the rest was still on the hole.

"Oh, this is God. Again. Now all we gotta do is kill it," Heather said.

"God? GOD?!!" Angela asked.

"Ah-yuh. Now we just gotta- Angela?"

Angela screamed and ran out the door.

"Okay... so, is anyone gonna help me kill god?"

"I will," Elle said.

"Me, too," Laura said.

"All of us are," Claudia said.

"Okay! LET'S DO THIS!"

God had started a fire in the room, and the flames crawled up the walls, blocking the exit with intense heat.

"Why is it so hot out here?" Angela asked from out in the hall.

"It's burning in here. There's fire blocking the door," Elle said.

"Oh. I'm used to it."

God pounded the floor with its hand, causing a small tremor.

Little Walter picked up his book and started whacking God with it. Laura joined him. Elle used her weapon and started damaging God as well. God picked up its hand and brought it down, crushing Claudia, killing her.

"Claudia!" Little Walter cried, and ran to her squashed body and sobbed.

The seven rescued hostages used what they had and joined in the fight to kill God.

God was weakened, but it still had the power of flames. It burned the floor around it, ignighting it. Maria happened to get caught in it, and burned to her death.

"Why do we even have this battle? Writer! Write that God dies! NOW!" Heather yelled.

After a while of beating God, God died.

Lazy Heather can't even try to kill God herself like she did before. Ugh. Lazy.

"That was not cool!"

After God's body had fallen back into the hole, everyone was happy. The burning flames were put out, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Heather went home on a subway, and Douglas went with her.

James and Laura went to a different town instead of Silent Hill. James adopted Laura to carry out Mary's wish.

Eileen went home by herself. There was no one left.

Elle went back to Shepherd's Glen with Alex and Wheeler. Turns out Alex did have Mary germs.

Travis went back to his hometown and went back to truckin'.

Angela? I have no idea what happened to her. Make up your own story.

That's it. I know it was a bad ending. Ugh, bad ending to a bad story. Well, I'll see this clogging the toilet. But whatever, I know I'll have a better story soon. See yah.

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