• Part 11... and it's near the end of this series. It looks like it's ending earlier than I thought. Short lived, huh? I'll have a fresh start after both the Angela Orosco's Travels and the Heather Mason and the Blood Knight series are finished, too. Expect that fresh start much, much later... actually, maybe in a day or two.
  • Here's half the ending you've all been waitng for... a bad ending... mwahahaha it's gonna ruin your experience because of how bad the story is...

There was yet another steel door, thicker than the first.

"No! F! But what were they saying... I heard them! What was Dahlia saying?" Harry asked.

"I heard her say something like, 'We'll kill them after'. What does that mean? Who's going to die?!" James said.

"James, you're acting like a little girl," Laura said.

"Seriously, James. Can't we just open this door and follow them?" Eileen asked.

"Wouldn't it be kinda obvious that they're being followed when like twenty people are walking behind them?" Heather asked.

"Duh. So we're sending Angela to go first!" James said.

"What?! I have a broken arm! How will I defend myself if I get caught?!"

"You dummy, you won't get caught. Just take this video camera that I taped to this yellow hard hat, follow them, and tape the route they take. Take the radio so we can communicate," James said.

"My shoes are loud. They're gonna hear me!" Angela was starting to make up lies.

"Really? Take them off or something. And here's the hard hat."

"No! I have to wear shoes! I can't go in socks!" That was the truth.

"Then take my shoes," Claudia said.

"You aren't wearing any!"


"Angela, I can hear them leaving. Take my shoes and go!" Eileen said.

"Damn it," Angela said, and took Eileen's shoes and the radio.

Curtis helped Elle open the second door and they saw Dahlia turning a corner.

"Go!" James pushed Angela in, nearly knocking her over. She then followed Dahlia around the corner.


Heather, Elle, Eileen, Curtis, and Harry sat in a pew and listened to Angela through the transceiver.

"Am I supposed to be talking? Cause I am if you haven't noticed. Look, I can see Dahlia. Phhht, what kind of fashion is that? I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that. She's barefoot, too? Jeez. This isn't a beach or something! Put some damn shoes on, lady!"

"Angela, don't do that! You'll get caught!" Heather said.

"Well, sorry for me criticizing someone who hasn't touched a shoe in her life. I'm sure she's got athlete's foot or something."

"Margaret, did you say something?"

"No. Why?

"Never mind. Let's just get back to the tombs."

"Angela! Quiet! You almost got caught!" Curtis said.

"I told ja, I just can't stand it. Oh, they're entering a huge door now. It's brown."

"Okay, we don't need to know its color. Did they need to do anything special?" Harry asked.

"Hmm, well, they need to hold the doorknob, turn their wrist, and push the huge wooden rectangle called a door."

"No, no. Like, a keypad or something?"

"Not that I know of."

"Get closer to the door," Elle commanded.

Angela's footsteps were heard through the transceiver, worrying the group that was listening.

"Uhh, there is nothing here. Just the- oh, crap!"

"What?!" everyone listening asked.

"I dropped the camera. Heh."


James was on the floor, playing around with Angela's shoes. "Check it out! I have Angela's shoes!"

Little Walter walked over to James. "What are you doing?"

"Playin' with Angela's shoes. Look, they're so cool."

"No, they aren't! They're ugly!"

"Hey! These shoes are not ugly!"

"Fine. What are you doing now?"

James was playing with the shoes like they were cars. "Vrrrrrooom!"

"Those aren't cars! They're shoes!"

"So what? Oh, you know what? Fine. They're shoes. So I will..." James pulled off his shoes. "put them on! Okay? Will that make you happy?!"

"Okay! I wanna see if they fit!"

"Oh, they will! They will fit!"

James untied Angela's shoes and slipped them on his feet. He had a hard time getting them on. "No, I can do this!" He took the shoelaces off them and put them on his feet. When they were on, James took the shoelace and started weaving them back in the eyes. Every time the lace entered an eye, the shoe got tighter. James made noises of discomfort. When the lace was weaved back in, he tied them, bunny ears and all. He repeated it for the other shoe.

"There! See? I got them on!" James said, his voice squeaking in pain.

"I wanna see you walk in them!"

James tried walking. He put one foot in front of the other, then repeated. Then again, and again. "Ha! They do fit! You lose! HA!"

"Fine, they fit," Little Walter said, defeated.

James painfully walked back to where his own shoes were, and then he heard a tear. He looked at his feet, and his toes were sticking out of the shoe. "Uh, oh..."

"Angela's gonna be mad..." Little Walter said, and walked backwards, away from James.


"So, here's the door. Could I go back now?"

"Hell no, Angela. You gotta follow them until you see anything interesting," Curtis said.

"Damn it."

"Do you see anything else?" Eileen asked.

"Nope, just the door."

"Past the door, dumbass. Open it!" Curtis commanded.

"Won't I get caught? I heard the door make a loud noise when Dahlia opened it."

"Just do it!"

Angela opened the door, and it groaned when Angela pushed it.

"Wow, Curtis. I can hear the door! You're gonna kill her!" Heather yelled.

"Too-hoo-hoo bad! Maybe she should pay attention!"

"You told her to! I'll sue you for millions of dollars!" Harry said.

"Um, guys? Could you stop arguing? You're increasing my risk of being caught," Angela said.

"Okay. Do you see anything?" Elle asked.

"Um, I see... I see... Dahlia and the other one entering the code to a door."

"Damn! We need the code!" Eileen said.

"Okay, um, Dahlia and the other one closed the door. There's a note by it. Should I take a look at it?"

"Yeah. Is anyone there?" Heather asked.

"No. Just me and some... ew, gross."

"What is it?"

"There's a bunch of water tanks and stuff, and there's hairless animals or something in them. It's kinda gross."

"Does the place look like a laboratory?" Harry asked.

"Uh, yeah. Um, it looks like- oh, damn, this one just moved!"

"Ignore it and go to the door!" Curtis shouted through the radio.

"Shh! It echoed! Lower your voice!"

"Shut your trap, Curtis! You're increasing Angela's risk for death!" Eileen said.

"Isn't that what she wanted? Hmm?"

"I got to the door. Um, the note says, 'Today's code is 3521. Don't forget it! It changes every week'. Could it get any easier?"

"I doubt it would. Can you go through the door?" Heather asked.

Angela punched in the numbers. "It unlocked. Should I go in?"

"No duh! Get your ass in there!" Curtis yelled.

Margaret, I'm sure I heard something outside."

"But there should be no one here."

"Exactly. I'm gonna look."

"Damn it! Curtis, you just killed me!"

"Good. You were annoying."

"Screw you! Sorry, Heather."

"That's cool, Angela. Curtis, I just wanna kill you..."

"A girl can't kill me!"

Heather punched him in the nose, exactly like Claudia did earlier.


"Hey! Quiet down! I gotta hide! You guys need to shut your mouths or I'll die!"

Elle pushed Curtis off the pew. "You're good to go."

Angela hid behind the nasty tanks filled with black fluid. The things inside were just nasty.

"I know you're out here! Step out here and I won't kill you right away!" Dahlia said.

"I heard Dahlia! Damn! What will we do if Angela dies?" Eileen asked.

"We just gotta hope that Dahlia is too blind to see Angela," Harry said.

"Get out here, you little pest! I don't want any trouble from vermin like youuuuu!

Angela held her breath. She continued staring at the tanks. She was gonna puke if that old hag didn't leave soon. Then the thing inside the tank turned to face Angela. It was missing its eyeballs. "OH, GAWD!!" she yelled, and ran to the huge door.

"There you are, you bug. Margaret! Eddie! Come here. We have a rat in the chapel."

"Angela?" Heather asked the transceiver.


"Angela?! Angela, where are you?!"




Claudia heard something hit the other side of the door. She hesitated to open it, but then she decided to and Angela dashed back in.

"Close the door! Close the door! Close the door!" she screamed, and shut the steel door. She was trying to catch her breath, and she collapsed on the floor.

"Angela? You okay?" Eileen asked.

"Are you dead?" Laura asked.

"Am I?" Angela asked.

James walked by with Angela's torn shoes and said, "Nope."


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