• Along with the fanfics, I'm also gonna write some short stories, and I'm gonna give horror a shot. So... here's my very first short story ever published anywhere.
  • This story is based on/inspired by the short story The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker.
  • No characters were harmed in the making of this story. All material is fictional an this never happened, and most likely won't happen. Ever. So don't worry, people who's favorite characters appeared in the story, nothing happened to them in reality. They are most likely at home watching TV, not being involved in these fictional events.

"So, you gonna do anything tonight?" James asked.

"Nah, I don't think so. I think I'll just stay in bed and sleep all day," Elle said.

"I guess I should, too. Hmm, how are you going to get home?"

"I'm gonna take the subway. I think this town is better than Shepherd's Glen."

"I like this place, too. Where do you live?"

"On Barkann Street, I think. Yeah. What about you?"

"Same street. Wow, I never knew that."

"So we're boarding the same train? Ooh! Creepy!"

James and Elle boarded the train and took their seats. The conductor then took his seat and the train started moving.

"Hey! No! Wait!" someone yelled outside the train.

James looked out the window and he spotted Henry running after the train. The conductor stopped the train, and Henry stepped on. "Hey, Henry. How's it going?"

"Fine, fine, James. Good thing the conductor stopped or I would've been late going home."

"Yeah, good thing," Elle said.

"My cat would've been bugging me, and Eileen would have been pissed."


"She came over to my apartment the other day, and she asked me to help her out today and set up some stuff. If I didn't, she'd would have been sleeping on a cold, hard floor. And she has problems, I think."

"Hey! I am on the same train, if you haven't noticed!" Eileen yelled.

"I thought you were at the apartment building!"

"No, I actually had to go out today. But hey, when we get to the apartments, you can help me set up my room."

Henry muttered something under his breath.

"Henry, do you not want to do the job?" James asked.

"No, actually," Henry whispered, "but I am trying to be a nice friend, so I am."

"How are we all on the same train, in the same car, on the same day? Creeeepy!!" Elle said.

"I know, right? Ha, so weird," James agreed.

"Maybe we were meant to be!" Eileen said in a singsongy voice.

"Scary, actually. I don't like that kind of stuff. Paranormal things scare me, and scare me good," Henry said, a little shaky.

James noticed that outside the window was a little dark. It was darker than it should be at this time.

"Like, I'm starting to have a weird-" Elle was interrupted by the conductor slamming the brakes, which had thrown her off her seat. All the standing passengers had fallen to the floor, and the seated ones hit their heads on the windows or each other. When everyone returned to their original places, screaming echoed through the cars. People had opened the emergency doors leading to other cars. They were running from something in the train.

"What's happening?" James asked.

"I don't know. We should get out of here!" Henry said.

Elle stood up and tried to pry the doors open. "Eileen, James, Henry, help!"

The three arrived to help Elle, but the doors were shut tight. They were impossible to open.

"How are we ever going to get out of here?!" Eileen said frantically.

"I don't know! We're gonna die!" James shouted.

Passengers' screams stopped suddenly after a loud whump!

Other passengers tried running, but their panicked footsteps abruptly stopped, too. The train windows were being pelted with some kind of liquid.

James tried opening the emergency door at the end of the car, but that door was stuck fast, too. There seemed to be no way to exit the train.

Eileen turned around and screamed.


A large blade cut deep into the middle of her head and got stuck in there. Her body slumped to the floor, and her fresh blood soaked Henry's shoes.

Henry screamed at the sight of Eileen's body. A sharp meat hook whistled quickly through the air, and punctured one eye and exited through the other.

James knew he was next. He turned around, and saw two muscular arms going over his head, wrapping razor wire around his neck, asphyxiating him. The killer put his foot on James' back, grasped both ends of the wire firmly, and jerked it towards him, severing James' head off his body. His head rolled to Elle's feet.

Elle screamed at the top of her lungs. The killer had yet another way to kill someone. He pulled out a small green-handled switchblade and forced Elle to the ground. He tore off her jacket and looked for the bumps of her spine. The killer then stuck the blade right under the spinal column, and with much strength, started "filleting" Elle's spine off her body. The madman then severed the spinal cord, killing her. After everyone on the train was finished, the killer then took out some meat hooks.

"Alex called the cops after he realised two of his tenants, Elle Holloway and James Sunderland, failed to return to the apartments. Alex says they are good friends of his, and would at least call him if they weren't returning."

Alex: "I mean, why would they do that? We had some time scheduled so we could talk a while, but they never showed. I got worried, so I called the police department."

"Police say they will be sending a search party out for them. If you see these two, please contact the police department right away."

Angela switched off the television. "No, they're okay, I know they are! They are! Ha, why worry? They just probably missed their train! Yeah, that's it! They missed their train!"

"What is the matter with you?" Heather asked as she entered the apartment carrying a garbage bag full of her stuff.

"Oh, Heather, good thing you're here. Tell me that Elle and James are okay."

"Why? What happened to them?"

"They are missing!"

"No. Way!"

"Way! So tell me they missed their train!"

"They missed their train."

"I knew it! They're okay, they're okay..."

"Shouldn't we go look for them?"

"No! They are okay!"


"No, they are not okay! Let's go find them!"

Heather dropped the bag and headed back out the door.

Heather and Angela headed for the subway station James and Elle usually used. It seemed deserted except for a few people.

Angela walked up to some woman and asked, "Hey, where is everyone?"

The woman replied, "Haven't you heard? There's a murderer on the trains. Not many people are taking this station anymore."

Angela stayed quiet.

"Ma'am? Hello?"

Angela didn't budge, or even breathe.

"Okaaay, Angela. Let's just go..." Heather said, and moved her away from the woman.

Angela was being pushed, then she stopped moving. She turned to face Heather and said, "They were killed, Heather! Killed!"

"How do you know? The killer might have not been on their train."

"How many trains are here?"


"Exactly. There's a 50-50 chance they happened to be on the train the murderer was on!"

"You are so right, Angela. But what can we do about it? Just hope that they were on the safe train."

"No! That didn't happen! No way! They are gone, Heath! Gone!" she yelled, and broke down.

"My name isn't Heath... and what kind of name is that, anyway? It could be mistaken for heat!"

"No time for jokes, Heath! We have now officially lost two friends... oh, how I wish one of them was me!"

"That's not good to say, Angie. Let's just board the train and go home."

"I don't like the name 'Angie!'!"

"And I don't like 'Heath'!"

Heather and Angela boarded the train and took their seats. They were on the last car, waiting for the train to move. It was starting to get late, and Heather started feeling sleepy. Angela had fallen asleep already. The train then started moving, but it moved slowly. It moved so slow Heather had a hard time staying awake. She tried not to close her eyes, but her body forced them to, causing her to fall asleep, too.

Hours later, Angela awoke from her sleep. There was no recognizable stop, which means they missed their stop a long time ago. "Heather... Heather!" Angela tried waking up Heather.

"Hmm? No, five more minutes, grandma..." Heather said, half-asleep.

Angela didn't want to waste any more time, so she bitch-slapped Heather's face, jolting her awake.

"What?! Who's there?" Pain came to Heather a few moments after waking. "Ow! Why does my face hurt..."

"Heather, we missed our stop a long time ago! We are in another area!"

Heather looked out the window. It was really dark out there. "Are the windows painted black, or what?"

There were no other passengers on their car, so Angela stood up and stretched. Heather did, too. Angela walked up to the door to the next car, and saw nobody there either, and the lights were out. But farther down the train, the lights flickered. Curiosity got the best of Heather, and she wanted to go check it out, despite Angela's protests. Heather stepped through, and Angela, not wanting to be alone, followed her. The car smelled bad, like dead rats.

"That's nasty," Angela said. "There should be more rat traps."

"Angela, it smells worse than rat bodies, it's like, dead monster flesh."

"I don't believe yah," Angela said, and followed Heather to the next car. This one smelled worse. Angela's eyes started to burn. "Ew! What is this?"

Heather just wanted to find the source of the smell, and entered the next car. Of the three, this one smelled the worst, and it was poorly lit. Then something bumped into her. "Oh, excuse me, sir."

No answer.

"Hey! I said, 'Excuse me, sir'! You could say 'that's okay' or something! Don't you ignore me!" she said sharply. When the lights suddenly flickered, Heather saw a skinless face. She screamed. "Get-get-get away from me!" she shouted, running behind Angela. The light flickered again, and then permanently stayed on. The skinless face, hung by a meat hook, had a frozen look of pain. Then another light turned on, further lighting the car. Another corpse was hanging on the train with a meat hook, this one had it through its skull. Most of its body was torn off, leaving only half a torso, arms, and a head.

Angela started becoming panicky.

Another light turned on, revealing two corpses, both hung up by the same hook. Blood leaked from the wounds left from a recent severing of their feet. When a fourth light flashed on, all that was on a hook were eyes, a heart, and a brain. Another hook next to that had the corpse where those parts had come from. Heather was near ready to puke.

When the fifth light shone, various pools of blood and organs were revealed to be on the floor. On a hanging meat hook were someone's backbone, tied on with string. Heather could take it no more, so she ran to the next car. Inside looked the worst, but Heather knew there were much worse things ahead. This car had body parts strewn all over, with hands, hearts, stomachs, and intestines decorating the handles and poles. Blood painted the walls and floor, leaving nearly nowhere free of gore. Heather exited that car and entered the next, and Angela followed. This was the last car before the conductors, and just as Heather thought, this car was the worst. What Angela thought had happened.

There were four meat hooks, each with one body.

The first had a headless corpse, with its head attached to its hand by another hook. The corpse wore a green jacket, black shoes, and had blonde hair.

The next hook had pierced through someone's eyes and was hanged up just like that. This one had a blue shirt and jeans, and had brown hair.

The third had a bloody crack right down the middle of its face, with a cleaver still in it. This one wore a pink-and-white striped shirt and had brown hair.

The final one was hung upside-down, one hook puncturing each leg to hold it up. It wore a black jacket and jeans, and it was facing the wall of the car, obscuring its face. Running down the corpse's back was a long, bloody gash where its backbone should have been.

Angela and Heather recognised every body in that car, and started to cry. Their tears mixed with the blood dripping from their friend's bodies.

"I must have 'accidentally' left you alive..." someone said from behind them. Heather and Angela turned around, startled. Behind them was a man in a weird mask, holding a hooked chain in his hands. Angela tried running past him into the past car, but the man threw the chain at her, and the hook buried itself deep in her flesh. The killer threw the other hooked end at her, digging itself into her shoulder. The killer then pulled Angela back toward him, and pulled out the same green-handled switchblade. Heather looked in horror, and in anger, she ran at him and started punching him. It looked like no use, as the madman pushed her away like nothing. He then plunged the knife into Angela's back, and ran it down, causing severe damage to her body. Then the killer knocked her down, pulling the chains out with a force strong enough to rip a chunk of flesh out from Angela.

The killer wielded the chains again, ready to ensnare Heather next. Since she was already on the floor, the man just brought the chain over his head, and brought it back down, the hook's point entering the top of Heather's skull and exited through her eye. The chain was pulled out, and Heather's head was nearly torn apart. The Master Butcher then took more meat hooks and hanged his latest victims up as well, adding to is collection of gruesome murders that he planned to eat later.

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