• Part 18, I guess the series will go another 7 parts. I just started listening to new Silent Hill tracks. I've discovered how good Hometown, Promise, Forest, The Reverse Will, Melancholy Requiem, Breeze~ In Monochrome Night, Dance With Night Wind, and Sickness Unto Foolish Death really are! Epic!
  • So! We left off with Heather blowing the heads off two Nurses.

"Of course you're epic...?" Robbie said.

"Yeah! But I don't have the power to squash their heads," Heather said.

"No one really needs that power. So, we gotta go to the next unlocked door, C4."

"Is it gonna blow up?!"

"No, I don't think so."


"Is there anything interesting?"

"I don't know. I don't know what is in each hospital room. I don't pay attention to the game."

"What game?"

"Never mind. Um, so I'll make up something. Oh! Look at this! An alarm clock!"

"Um, I don't think that's what's in here..."

"You're right. Hey! There's stuff on the wall! There's a christmas card, a cookie, a key, a spoon... a key?! Awesome! Grr... nyee... gah! It's stuck. Robbie, pull it off."

Robbie tried pulling the key off the wall, but it was stuck fast. "I can't take it off. Sorry."

"How will we get it? We don't have nail polish remover."

"I'm getting kind of annoyed with you saying random things, Heather."

"So what? I do what I want, when I want!"

"Whatever. So where would we get nail polish remover?"

"Somewhere where it's most likely to be, duh."

"We should just explore the other floors of this place. To the second floor. Woo."

Heather and Robbie went to the stairs, but the door was locked. "It's locked? NO!"

"There's an elevator. We should use that."

"Really? Lies! Oh, I see it. Never mind," Heather said, and they both walked in. Robbie pressed the second floor button. "I wanted to do that!" Heather said.

"Too-hoo-hoo bad. You're too slow."

The elevator had stopped at the second floor. "Ha! I got out before you! Pfffft! There's a board over there, and there's a note on it. It says, Press, move 2 right; press, move 1 up; press, move 2 down; press, the door shall open. That's much to complicated."

Robbie had already unlocked the door. "Ta-da."

"Wha- how did- but you- why did- when- gaaah... I'm going down the hall. Away from your show off-ness." Heather walked and entered some different rooms. One had a corpse under a sheet. Its arm was flopped over the edge. There was a tattoo on the arm that read,"The start time is my key". Also, on its foot was tattoo that read, "Margaret". The rest of the tattoo was illegible. "The start time... what does that mean?" Heather exited that room an entered another.

In this room there was a briefcase on the bed, and Heather approached it. As she got near it, an alarm went off, startling her. "Annoying!" Heather said, and walked over to the clock, and threw it on the floor, breaking it. "Oh, yeah, start time. Err..." Heather looked at the clock. Written in blood were the numbers 3012. "Huh... the briefcase. It's got a lock on it. Maybe these numbers are the key? Yeah..."


The briefcase opened, and inside was an instant camera. "Cool. Why can't I find these at stores?" Heather took the camera and exited the room. Robbie was out there fending off some Nurses.

"Get away from me! Ha! How does the blade taste? Bloody, right? I can't clean it."

"Robbie, look! I found a camera!"


"Yeah! Check it out! Say cheese!" Heather took a picture of Robbie. The brightness of the flash blinded him.

"Aah! My eyes! Ow! Ouch... I can see triangles...."

The photo came out of the camera. Heather flapped it around and looked at it. It was Robbie, and his eyes were red in the photo. Behind Robbie was a Nurse. "Robbie, look behind you."



The Nurse had hit Robbie's back with its pipe, but it didn't damage him. Instead, Robbie turned around with such a force his arm hit and knocked off the Nurse's head. The head rolled away down the hall, leaving a bloody trail. "Whoa. I could do that? Wow! We learn new things every day!"

"Where are we going now?"

"Um, there's a locker room around here. Yeah, we should check it out."

Heather entered the women's locker room and saw an open locker. "Hey, what's in here? Perfume? This stuff smells strange, so I'll take it with me. And hey! Nail polish remover! There's a magazine on this table with a sticky note on it- TOUCH_MY_HEART. What does that mean? Whatever. Let's get out of here."

Robbie walked to the elevator, and Heather followed. They were headed back to the first floor to take that key off the wall. Heather exited the elevator and entered the room again. She pulled out the nail polish remover and poured it on the wall. The key was now peeling off. "Yes! Awesome! It's the 'Stairwell key'." she said, and pocketed the key.

Robbie was near the stairwell, and Heather unlocked the door. "To the third floor, right, Heather?"

"Right. But you go on ahead, I'm going to the basement."

"Okay. Are ya afraid to be down there? Mwahaha!"

"No, I've got weapons to protect me. I'll be so wonderfully fine. Now go. Shoo."

"Okay," he said, and went up to the third floor.

Heather stepped down to the basement. It was well-lit, unlike the other parts of the hospital. As she walked, she heard some squeaking. Where is that coming from? It's annoying. She walked around the corner and saw the source. A wheelchair had turned on its side, and its wheel was spinning. "What the...." As she approached it, the wheel had slowed down and stopped turning. "There's a wheelchair on its side. Where is the person using it? Creepy. And gross. There's blood. Was that chair bleeding? OMG." Heather was trembling, but she kept walking. She turned another corner, and there were bullet holes all over the wall and the elevator doors.

On the floor was a sub-machine gun. "Cool!" Heather said, and picked up the gun. "There are bullet holes all over the wall. What the hell could they have been shooting at?" She examined the blood trail, and noticed it ran into the open elevator doors. The doors were bloody and had small hand prints on them. "The blood trail ends at the elevator. Part of me wants to peek in, but it would be a little creepy, too."

Heather entered the only unlocked door in the basement. This was a small storeroom. The lights were faulty, and they turned on and off by themselves. There was a shelf in the back, with a blood trail coming from the back of it. She couldn't move the shelf or fit behind it, so Heather got out the camera and took a photo of the back. When the photo came out, she looked at it. The numbers 5308 were written in the back of the shelf. Heather headed back to the staircase, and she looked at the wheelchair again. "Maybe they're in that elevator..."

Heather had ran up the stairs to the third floor. Robbie was up there, waiting at the locked door. "Hey. What took you so long?"

"I got some numbers in the basement. And a gun!"

"Cool. So, what's the code to this door?"

"5308. I know cause I'm magic."

"Okay, Magician. Oh. It opened. Okay, we should go."

Heather and Robbie entered the long hall. After finding out nearly all the doors were jammed, Heather found an unlocked door and entered it. There was a phone inside. It was probably ringing, so Heather picked it up. "Hello?"

"Claudia?" a man asked the phone.

"No, I'm not-"

"Don't lie to me, Claudia. You're always trying to run from your responsibilities. Have you come to apologize? Or maybe you don't realize how foolish you've been! The salvation of all mankind. Ha! What a ridiculous dream!"

"No, listen to me for a second."

"I've heard enough from you already. How did you turn out this way? Where did I go wrong..."

"Listen to me already! I'm not Claudia!"

"You're not Claudia?"

"My name is Heather!"


"Who are you?!"

"Leonard Wolf. I'm sorry. I thought you were my daughter."

Heather was confused. "Claudia is your daughter?"

"Oh... so you know her, do you? Are you one of her followers?!"

"No. Never. When I find her, I'll, I'll..."

"Ah...I can feel the hatred."


"Behind your words... the anger... you plan to kill her, don't you?"

"I'm sorry. but she... she killed my father."

"She's a fool, but she's still my daughter. I was going to forgive her if she changed her ways, but it looks like it's too late... too late for her..." Leonard suddenly said in a deep, singsongy voice.


"Heather... will you help me?"

"Help you?"

"I'm locked in here and I must stop Claudia."

"Where are you, then?"

"I'm not sure myself, but the door is at the end of the hall on the second floor. I think I may be of help to you. I have a seal. Please..."

"A seal?" Heather asked, but Leonard had hung up. "End of the hall on the second floor..."

Robbie walked around the hall, nearly tripping on his feet.



"We need to go back to the second floor. Someone here needs my help. I think? Whatever, we need to go."

"Kay. Let's go-o-o-o..."

Time passed, so Heather and Robbie were at the room at the end of the hall on the second floor. There was no number on it, just the letter M. They opened the door and walked in.

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