• Part 17. I guess this series would take quite a bit more parts, hmm, like about ten more.
  • So! We left off with a shocking event... which I'll continue now.

Heather and Douglas looked at Robbie's face in horror. Douglas cried in extreme fear.

"What?" Robbie asked. He then put a hand on his forehead... and didn't feel the cold metal that was usually on his head. Then he gasped.

What Heather and Douglas saw was a corpse-like face, slightly rotten and bloody. His head wasn't human, but more reptile-like. Pink-tinted flesh underneath the darker scales, which were peeling off easily, were pulsating faintly, dripping blood. On the right side of his mouth, his bony jaws and teeth were exposed because of the lack of flesh. Even his teeth were bloody.

"Oh, no..." he said.

When he opened his mouth to speak, his tounge rolled out, showing that muscle was torn out from it. He had no trouble speaking, though. His eyes were lit, like if there was some kind of light source behind them, tinted red-orange. There was no flesh above his left eye, and there was just skull.

Robbie needed to get his helmet back to cover his horrendous features. He ran back up to the spot he was stuck at, and begun digging in the mud, desperately looking for his helmet. Heather helped him dig so she wouldn't have to see his true face anymore. Douglas tried his best to get back up to the road, slipping and sliding while he tried.

Robbie found the helmet, but it was stuck. He tried pulling it out over and over, but something was just keeping it down there. After a good hard tug, Robbie pulled it free, and the force made him roll down the hill once again. When he reached the bottom, he rinsed the mud off the helmet in the river and put it back on. The blood did not come off, as it had stained the helmet. When he climbed back up, Douglas was already on the road, soaking wet with rain and mud. Heather was near the top, but she also kept slipping due to the mud.

Robbie ran up the hill, and picked up Heather and set her on the asphalt. Her vest was really dirty now, but she didn't care. The rain kept pounding on the street, making loud pattering noises. The three still had to walk the rest of the way to Silent Hill.


"Are you going to be okay by yourself?" Douglas asked when they made it to Jack's Inn.

"I'm not a child, you know. Are you sure it's not you who's afraid, though?" Heather responded.

"You're right. I am afraid. I'm 50-somethin' years old, and I've never seen something like this. I still think I'm dreaming."

"More like a nightmare, I'd say."

"Yeah. I just wanna wake up and have a smoke, already. Hmm, meet me back here after you've finished exploring the hospital with Rrrrr..." Douglas had trouble with the word.



"Yes! Exactly. I'm gonna check out this Leonard guy's house. Meet me back here after exploring the hospital."


Douglas left, and Heather stood up.

Robbie was in the bathroom making grunting noises.

"Robbie, that's nasty," Heather said, disgusted.

"Hahaha! I wasn't using the bathroom, I made those noises to hear your reaction," Robbie said, exiting the bathroom.

"Ha, ha, very funny. We gotta go to the hospital, now. Come on."


Heather and Robbie exited room 106 and headed toward the hospital in the fog-covered town.

"Um, Heather, about earlier... do you hate me now that you've seen my face?"

"What? You crazy, I don't hate people cause of the way they look. You're still my best friend."

"Okay, cool, thanks. You know, I have a feeling we need to go to the hospital fast, so I'll fly us there."

"But you said your wings are hurt..."

"I'll ignore the pain," Robbie said, and opened his wings. The tears and cuts were still there. He started flapping his wings, and he went a few yards behind Heather, then flew back at full speed, picking her up. They flew high in the sky, flying above all the fog in Silent Hill. When Brookhave Hospital was in view, Robbie descended, dropping Heather on the stairs. Robbie put his wings away, and he was in pain because of the flight, but he did not care. He and Heather entered Brookhaven Hospital.

"This place is kinda dark," Heather said.

"Yeah, it is... for you! Oh! My eyes are lit, so I have night vision! Oh, you wish you were me, don't you?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. But now we gotta... you hear that?"

Heavy panting and footsteps were coming from around the corner.

"It's a monster... Ooh..."

Heather could easily spot Robbie because of his eyes, so she said, "Robbie! close your eyes!"

"Okay," he said, and squeezed them shut.

Heather took out her shotgun and pumped it, ready to blast the monster's head off. The thing came around the corner, and it looked like a human, so Heather hesitated on shooting it. The Robbie opened his eyes.

The monster noticed the glowing orbs floating in the air and raised the pipe it was holding, and swung it at Robbie.

"Dammit, Robbie, I told you to keep your eyes closed!"

"Sorry, but you sound like a parent showing their kid a horror movie! I couldn't keep my eyes closed!"

The monster then directed its attention to Heather, and it swung its weapon. Heather blocked its attack with the shotgun, and Robbie stabbed it right through the head, killing it. It fell to the floor, its head split in half.

"That was epic... again," Heather said.

"I know!" Robbie said gleefully, and stomped on the monster's head, crushing it. Its blood and flesh splattered on the wall.

"Gross... and awesome! Yeah, High five!" Heather said, holding up her hand,


"Now we gotta navigate through this hospital... who are we looking for?" Heather asked.

"Leonard Wolf. I think he might help us?"

Heather went to this huge door and opened it. Inside was a hall with doors marked with C1-C4. "I'm going in to these doors... if they're open." Doors one and three were locked, so Heather entered door two. "Oh, gawd!"

Robbie was outside, and he heard two gunshots. He ran into the room and saw the two nurses on the floors, bleeding out. "Heather! Are you okay?!"

Heather stood, unmoving.


"I... AM... EPIC!!"

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