• Part 16, now! Woohoo! Another segment of Stupid Questions.
  • Why is Douglas afraid of Robbie?
  • Did O.R.T. really fit the moment? Or did Letter- From the Lost Days?
  • Do you like Stupid Questions?
  • Do you even read these?
  • So! We left off with Douglas finishing the drive to Silent Hill.

Robbie started pulling out the fluff from the seats. He played around with it like a cat would. His actions were freaking Douglas out big time.

Douglas had started shaking, and his teeth chattered loudly.

Heather was still looking out the window, watching the rain.

Robbie got seat fluff on his fingers, and the sharp tips were getting tangled in the stuff. He tried pulling it off, but it didn't work. He tried cutting it with his horn, but that didn't work either. He extended one blade and cut the fluff off.

Douglas screamed at the sound of the blade scraping the gauntlet.

"Relax, homeboy. I'm not gonna kill you," Robbie said.

Douglas was sweating.

"Okay... ...are you that scared?"

"No duh! You are a serial killer! You've killed thousands of people!"

"I know. I even made myself a trophy."

"You sick, sick monster!"

"Yup, that's me. A monster. And I'm gonna kill you!" Robbie said, putting one blade on Douglas's neck.

"Dear gawd!" Douglas screamed, and he swerved the car off the road.

Heather screamed at the sight of the car crashing through the fence and rolling down a hill full of rocks and trees.

Robbie put the blade away and returned to the back seat.

Douglas screamed like a little girl as he tried putting his foot on the brake. It wouldn't stop the car. Something was stuck under the brake pedal, and the car kept going.

Up ahead was a flat, slanted rock jutting from the ground. One side of the car drove over it, and it made the car flip over. The car was crushed as it flipped and turned, smashing into rocks and trees. The car finally stopped when it dove into a river.

Robbie exposed the blades and cut his way out of the car when it was half-submerged. Heather followed, and then Douglas. When they all escaped, the car was completely filled with water. It then sunk out of sight deep into the river.

"Great. Now we gotta walk the rest of the way," Heather said.

"Hey, it was thi-this thing!" Douglas said, pointing at Robbie.

"No, it was yours for being so scared of me. You're no man!" Robbie said.

"Gasp. You did not!" Douglas said.

"Oh, I did."

Douglas, angry, punched Robbie, but the impenetrable armor made his joints crack. "Ow!" he said, shaking his hand and putting it in his mouth.

"Ha, now you know not not punch me, huh?"

"I hate you..."

Robbie extended both gauntlet blades, pointing them at Douglas's eyes.

"Aah!" Douglas shielded his eyes and ran backwards, falling into the river.

"Douglas!" Heather said, running to help Douglas from the river. "You know better than to run from Robbie. You could've really hurt yourself!"

Douglas looked at Robbie with fear and anger, and Robbie mocked him.


Due to the car being totaled, the trio had to walk back up the hill and go to Silent Hill on foot. There were fallen trees and sharp rocks, and they were hard to navigate. The thunderstorm made the ground slippery. Robbie, because of his claws, could easily scale the hill in no time, but Heather and Douglas were humans without claws, so he had to stay with them.

Heather suffered a scratch or two on the head and a bruise on her arm, but nothing major.

Douglas had a few scratches scattered on his face, and there were bruises on his arms and eye.

Robbie suffered no trauma because of the armor he always wore. Heather was jealous of the armor.

Robbie climbed up the hill, and pulled out some rocks from the dirt, causing them to tumble down where Douglas was.

"Hey!" he yelled.

"Sorry, I'm not in control of where rocks fall... hee, hee."

"Stop fighting already and let's just get back to the road, okay?" Heather said, annoyed.

The thunderstorm was still there, and lightining struck one tree in front of them. It fell over, and it rolled down the hill towards the three. Because it was tall, it hit a couple trees, changing its path and increasing its unpredictability. It rolled down in a half-circle shape, sweeping Robbie off his feet. He planted his face into the thick mud. His head went so deep in the mud it formed a seal around his head, restricting him from breathing.

Douglas, though extremely afraid, tried to help Robbie get his bloody head out from the mud. He pulled on Robbie's shoulders, but the monster just couldn't get his head out. The mud grabbed at him, keeping him from moving. Robbie struggled to get out, but it was no use. Every time he tried to pull himself out, his hands would sink into the surrounding mud. Then his body stopped moving.

Douglas tried to pull him out, but the hard rain made his feet slip and he couldn't plant his feet firmly on the ground. Heather tried to help, but the mud didn't want Robbie to leave. Douglas and Heather pulled on Robbie's shoulders with all their might, and his head came out of the mud. Robbie rolled down a few yards down the hill, but he stopped himself with his claws. He stood up, and Heather and Douglas were shocked. Robbie had come out of the mud, but he was missing his helmet. Douglas's fear for him increased, and he nearly cried. Heather just stared at him, looking at his helmetless head. His face looked like that of a corpse.

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