• Part 15. I forgot the questions in the last part, so here we go! Stupid Questions segment coming up!
  • Who's your favorite character now? Has it changed?
  • What was your favorite scene in the story?
  • Should this even continue?
  • Achoo! Should I quit the series? I should, right. Oh, how I wish to have as many comments on by stories like certain friends of mine...
  • So! We left off with Douglas, Heather, and Robbie heading to Silent Hill.

Douglas turned on his radio. He was afraid to speak due to a monster being in the back. Lighting danced across the sky, and thunder followed slowly. His fear made him want to start a conversation with Heather.

Is it lonely where you are...
In there... Dad?
Does the darkness know your name?
Does Mom?

"It, it started raining," he said. He turned to Heather and asked, "Are you asleep?"

"I'm awake," Heather replied.

Douglas expected a terrifying answer from Robbie, but he was silent. He then asked, "You, you cold?"

Heather didn't answer, and she kept watching the rain pelt the window.

"So what's the deal with Silent Hill anyway? It used to be a nice, quiet little town, but now..."

"You've been there?" Heather asked.

"Once. On a missing persons case. I never did find him. I tell ya, that's one screwed-up town. In my line of work, you hear a lot of nasty rumors."

"I was born and raised there," Heather said, watching the road speed by them.

Robbie quietly growled.

"Sorry. Didn't me-mean to offend y-you."

"No offense taken."

What's it like?
Can you feel?
She said her blood turns to ash
Dad, do you know what you've done this time to me?

"Hmm... I thought you grew up in Portland?"

Heather then put her hand on her forehead, looking as if she were in pain.

"What's wrong? You feeling sick?"

"My head's pounding... like the worst hangover ever."

"Maybe you're carsick?"

"No... I'm just trying to remember... my childood. Something terrible happened in Silent Hill seventeen years ago.

Douglas listened to her.

"A woman named Dahlia... she tried to summon the ancient god of the town. She offered up her very own daughter."

"That's crazy!" Douglas said.

"Maybe so, but it worked. The girl... gave birth to a god."

"Huh? Hmmm..." Douglas said, starting to become lost.

Burning eyes can't forgive you
Howling moon drives on
And deep in me
Your illusion
What you see in there is...

"You see, that girl had special powers."

"Powers?" Douglas asked, being a little skeptical.

"Her classmates called her a witch. She could make things happen with her mind. She could... kill people just by wishing for it.

"But in the end, that god was killed by a single person: my father, Harry Mason. I don't think it's much of a god if it could be killed by a human being.

"And... I think Claudia is trying to do the same thing again, and I've been chosen as the sacrifice..."

"You've got some kind of power in you, too?" Douglas asked, wondering why she was chosen.

"After the god was killed, the girl reappeared. She was holding a baby in her arms."

Douglas thought Heather was totally ignoring his questions, but he kept listening.

"Before she died, she gave the baby to my father. He didn't know who or what I was, but he loved me just like I was his very own daughter. It was so sudden..."

Douglas looked at Heather, and she was in great pain.

"I never had... a chance to tell you... how happy you made me..." She stared out the window to hide her face from Douglas.

Douglas tried not to increase her pain, so he became silent. He also realized the song did not fit the moment, so he changed the station.

We weren't put on this earth to suffer, and cry
We were made for being happy, so be happy
For me... For you... Please...
Oh, oh what a pair, me and you
Put here to feel joy, not be blue
Sadder times and bad times, see them through
Soon we will know if it's for real
What we both feel...

We were put here on this earth, put here to feel joy...

Robbie turned over, accidentaly shredding Douglas's back seats with his fingers. The tearing sound woke him up, and he noticed Douglas was looking at the back seat. Robbie growled, and Douglas immediately went back to focusing the road, afraid.

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